Missing New Cube&Boss Rush (Hard) Chests In Guild Shop

As Title Says.

Is your char ilvl 1490?

Same here.

Same problem here.

They don’t show at the boss rush statue either, can’t see any trace of them in the game.

Edit: Nvm, There’s a second tab for hard.

right corner you need to switch normal to hard…you can get tickets in chaoss but not in guildshop

Look on the top right corner after selecting Hall of the Sun

Ah you’re right, thanks. Thought they were supposed to be in the bloodstone shop but I guess not.

Same, it doesn’t have them, i dropped one from chaos but cannot buy chest for the new ones

you don’t need to be 1490 to see ALL the purchasable items in the bloodstone shop they just have red tags on ilv if you can’t purchase them. but to answer your question, yes i’m 1520

They forgot to put chest there or we don’t get those

I got a normal boss rush ticket from a 1490 caos dungeon, I dont know if it is intented to drop there

There’s Entrance Tickets for HM boss rush or cube from KR version of the game. I am afraid they forgot to update the guild shop for it. If i am correct. Mutiple streamers have shown it.

We have the team looking into this.

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I need clarification on two things:

  • were we supposed to get new tickets for CubeHM and BossRushHM in the guild shop? Is it a question of them not being enabled due to some glitch in the patch or they don’t exist in the first place?

  • Should 1490+ Chaos dungeons drop the normal ones (1302) as well, or should they drop HM (1490) exclusively?

1490+ would only drop the new tickets the old ones are worthless to anyone 1490+ except for very minor material returns

same gems just different leaps :), people want both

Any word on if we’ll be getting new chest?