Missing Powerpasses and Reskin Tickets from Character Select Screen

After the update hit today, I noticed that I am missing some items from the character selection screen.

Yesterday, in a box in the upper left corner of the character selection screen, it was still telling me that I had two powerpasses available and two reskin tickets. The powerpasses did not have end dates, and the reskin ticket end dates were for 09/26/2023 or close to it. Today I logged in and everything was gone.

If I click the Powerpass button on a character, the only option I have is to buy one.
One of these powerpasses should be for Punika, but clearly it is not showing as available.

One of these Powerpasses should be for North Vern, but it too is not showing as available.

I did notice if I click the Reskin button I do get a popup that gives me the message below, so I am not sure if they are still there or not…

Thank you!

punika powerpass expired on patch day

Not if you used it before the patch. It was placed onto your character select screen so that you could use it whenever, with no end date. This also does not explain the missing Vern Powerpass.

just like the previous free powerpass. it still using the expired date before it’s used. and on the announcement pages.
it however won’t expired if you use it on a class before you chose an advanced class.


for the vern one, i have no idea. have you try clicking on the ‘vern pass’ and there should be 2 buttons. one is buy pass, and one is use pass.

I wish I had known about said visual bug previously. That would have been really, really nice to know and would have saved me -some- frustration.

No, I do not have an option to use a Vern Powerpass. It is gone, kaput, disappeared, not there. :frowning:

Heya, as stated, the Punika Powerpass did expire on October 26th. I understand the frustration and apologize for the inconvenience.

As for your Vern pass, I have checked on this I haven’t found an expiration date. I have found other players who’s pass were missing! So since this is missing please reach out to our CS here: Contact Us | Amazon Games for further assistance.

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Thank you for extending a helping hand! :slight_smile:

Why are we beeing lied to ingame?

We are beeing victims of misleading information. If it says Expiration Date: No Limit
then how should we feel about it? Thats robbery. Its a good game but the way we are beeing treated kinda sucks.

It is not a lie, just a visual bug we did not know about. The consumable itself -did- have the date on it, and the update patch notes -did- mention the expiration date. Personally, I am just annoyed at myself for not considering it would still vanish and using it just in case. That was on me.

I will send them a note. Thanks :slight_smile:

I respectfully disagree with your assessment. A bug is a bug and therefore their responsibility to provide a solution. The fact that they knew about it but where unable to declare it correctly is a cheap way of shedding accountability. Will they get away with it? Most likely because at the end of the day the customer support is woefully powerless. Its still no reason to accept it without dispute.

Disputing the deletion of the Punika Powerpass will not get me anywhere. Customer Service cannot restore powerpasses. Also, the devs clearly stated that they would expire on October 26th before patch by both placing it on the consumable and by placing it in update notes. They will simply tell me that the dates were clearly stated, sorry for your frustration, but there is nothing we can do. They have every right to do that and, honestly, some battles are just petty and not worth the time they take to attempt to fight. There are more important things in life.

While I do agree they should have fixed the visual bug or issued a statement that it was reading incorrectly, appealing it will do me no good. I can have the Vern one restored, however, which I plan to do once I get off my lazy arse.

The question is EXPIRE what? The ticket? We used the ticket before expiration date.
Its not a visual bug. When someone types “Expiration Date: No Limit” then its not a random generated text. Someone typed that with an intention. Was it suppose to be changed? Maybe. Was it changed? No.
Is this our fault we get misled by INGAME information that is a lie? No.
It would be fair that players who consumed the ticket and their Punika passes still got removed, got it back with proper expiration date info.

That sounds like a You problem. My questions are answered already and I have no desire to engage in drama. Speaking of doing productive things…

I wish you luck in your fight against what you perceive as injustice.

Have a good day!

There is literally a screenshot that says “Expiration Date: No Limit” after we used the Power Pass we received. We were lead to believe by in-game text that the 10/26 expiration no longer applied and the new no limit expiration date was newly applied. I appreciate your empathy in understanding our frustration. I thank you for your apologizing for the inconvenience. However, that simply isn’t good enough considering inaccurate information was displayed in-game that mislead players into making misinformed decisions with the items they received, items which otherwise have a cash value placed on them. They can do better.