Missing Punika Power Pass

Hey. So I understand that the power passes are disabled right now, so I was going to save it til it is fixed. Though my goldfish brain forgot about that and used it, would I be able to get it back? Or is it still there, I just can’t see it yet? I attached the image to prove that I have gotten it.


Don’t worry, you didn’t lost it, it’s just disabled.

(As a matter of fact you can still see your current active powerpass in the event list while at the server selection, and it will mention on which servers it/they are active (aka the server you used it on)).

Thanks a lot, I got myself nervous lol

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I had exactly the same reaction (for the same reasons), so I know the feeling.

On the other hand, they just posted the patch note for tomorrow maintenance, and well…Still disabled with no ETA, sadly.

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I’ve moved this over to the support section if you still need assistance.

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Good to have you here, and thanks @Sanrek for explaining the Powerpass wasn’t lost. :muscle:

Now the Punika and Vern pass have been re-enabled, all the updates can be check on Roxx’s post.


A Punika Growth Support Pack will be gift, starting today, be sure the claim it.

Wish you a nice week.