Missing Quality of Life Features

Hello there,
I know that AGS/Smilegate stated that they will be analyzing the players’ progress and all that before releasing the roadmap or further adding new content, but in Korea, there are really good QoL features that are available and I was wondering if it is possible to get those changes in our region? I assume this stuff is not tied to content that we are missing since it is just mostly some game functions, but I’m not a coder/designer so that’s why I wanted to ask if its possible or not.

Like chaos gate 2nd room is smaller and more compact, in-game tracker to see what you have done on your alts, being able to equip the same accessory with the same name, chat window settings shared among all other chars in your roster, and many other stuff that I cannot remember right now. I know some things are recently added but is it possible to get these QoL changes early instead of more content related updates.

Also, @Roxx I wanna ask if we will be getting any changes to the game that suits the playerbase like consumable acquisition or material acquisition, event designs, or almost everything will just follow the same path Korea has?


we only have 6/6 + 6/6 alts. We are missing 2 x 6/6 tabs :slight_smile: Would be nice to have 4/4 tabs of 6 alts like other versions have.


We don’t need all the nice QoL Features. The western release is designed only for the GIGACHAD players. We want everything to be the hardest way possible and everything needs to look bad.

Jokes aside, yes, everyone wants those changes. Will we get them soon? Most likely not, unless they completely change their way of dealing things for our western release.


People said in beta: ‘‘this game is too easy’’ now everyone is crying.


Well, it seems like clicked on the wrong post. Cuz this is not about the game being hard.
All I’m asking is about QoL changes that make the game more enjoyable. Difficulty of the game is completely another topic so thanks for the comment that makes no sense under this topic :'D

Im not complaining about your question, just continued the “joke”. Of course everyone wants the QoL changes, and we going to get it. The question is when. I think they focusing other things ( maybe including your missing stuffs as well, who knows). Better to wait until they announce the roadmap first, thats the biggest thing now.