Missing Quest & 2nd Awakened Skill

@Roxx @Gwen I reached 1000 item level score and i did finished all my adventure quest except upgrading ship and I couldn’t get my 2nd awakening skill and I searched for it. I think my “Trust and request” quest is missing or bugged. Can you help me ?
Character name : Shealter

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Hello @Shealter

I’m sorry about the situation with your quest and upgrading your skills.

Would you mind contacting us via a live channel whenever you are available, please? We need some personal information from you which is why we cannot handle it on a public forum.

You can reach us using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games

This issue seems to be something really specific which we don’t have “troubleshooting steps” and I do believe requesting an escalation with our developers might be the best option.

If you have any other concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

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The quest of the second awakening you get it when you finish the story of rohendel, next to the postman you will get a purple quest you have to follow multiple chains of missions that will take you all over arkesia and sooner or later you will start a purple quest called awakening.