Missing quest: Elegy of Serenity

I have abondoned a quest i got at Peyto. Elegy of Serenity This i need to have completed when i go to Glacier Isle. When i go back i have no option to restart this quest. I abondoned the quest on my main then made and alt, and switched it to be my main character. Now i can not find any way to get me to finish the quest. Any help would be appreciated.

Had same exact thing happen, its a huge bummer seeing how that quest is gatekeeping from hitting tier 2 before reset

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Greetings @2bi2,

I am really sorry you didn’t receive a reply before.

In order to get your issue resolved you will need to submit am online support ticket or you can also contact one of our live channels representative, just make sure provide your character name, server and outline the missing quest. The team will verify the info and will try to help you.

You can do so by using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games

See you in Arkesia! :honeybee:

Same problem for me. Did also abandon it and unable to restart

I had this quest going on my other character, wich is not my main anymore. Then i disbanded it and could get the quest on my main. Should quest be character sheared or no? If not then i might as well disband every quest i have on my alt?

I have the same issue there is no sign for tracking. I cannot progress and I cannot abandon it. I have checked my completed quest, first step is completed second step is completed too (but it has blue colour) there is no sign/mark for third step also for second step. The quest is completely missing.

Edit: I have found it’s on my alt character so I abandoned it and worked.

My dude you must follow a series of quest for it to unlock, beging with [Iceberg Inquiry] in Glacier Isle. The following link to the quests line and their locations in case you got lost in the middle like I did.
Elegy of Serenity - Quests - Lost Ark Codex

If you unable to unlock quest on this island, try to complete all purple quest on the Peyto Cruise Ship, I doubt that the quest to help unlock its name is “Iceberg Inquiry”.

Thought I had same issue, but the quest was still on an alt. Just chiming in for reference.