Missing quest "[Journey] Missing Researchers" on character

Hi, I am pretty sure that there is a bug in the system that is not allowing me to start the following quest " 1. [Journey] Missing Researchers".

I have completed the pre require quests.

The npc just doens’t have the purple quest that is supposed to have, and that I assume it is a bug. Or am I missing something?

Screenshots to prove:

npc: Screenshot by Lightshot
questlog: Screenshot by Lightshot


Same here

If you used the feiton powerpass the quest can’t be completed anymore, this is because the new character that u used the feiton powerpass has the questline complete.~~

This is no longer a bug, just a missunderstanding.

This was a missunderstanding, the new feiton powerpass comes with the 2 awakening quest complete wich is rooster bound, so all we need to do is go to beatrice talk to her and we get the 2 awakening

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Omg. Thank you very much!