Missing Quest Line

Logged on today after work and I don’t have any quests. Can’t progress or do anything on my main character on my server. I can’t figure out where the hell to submit a ticket so I’m just doing it like this.

Same here. I submitted a ticket using this link. All you can do. Galatur Account Issues

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If you folks were on the Galatur server, we are aware of the issue and working to address it.

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working to address it but nobody knows how. so , How are you guys working to address it ? its been going on for 17 hours. with not a word of “WHAT” is exactly being done to fix it.


yeah typical of amazon games to leave us in the dark with no ETA of course we paid for a head start and they ruined it and nobody is getting refunds

well i highly doubt “they” ruined it. im sure there was a legitimate reason for the emergency server maintenance to give everyone a better play , come tomorrow.

either way , still sucks this shit is going on. rip

We should be compensated in some way. I’m going to create a new character now on a different server but now I’m going to lose my founder pack. Unfortunately, theres no ETA on when there will be a fix and sitting around all night hoping it happens some time soon doesn’t sound ideal.

will you guys be looking into individual accounts because the quest im having issues with has very specific issues that i havent seen other posts about @Seawolf

I have the exact same issue, all main quests gone and unable to progress to Luterra Castle because of the purple forcefield which i assume gets lifted from a main quest.

Are you sure? Because we are really getting a lot of runaround emails about it. It’s not even mentioned on the logs…which isn’t good advertising, I’m sure. Can’t skirt reality for long though. People are irate at their loss of progression on their 2 days of leveling.

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