Missing research slot

I dunno if anyone else has noticed this, but after the update today I’m suddenly missing out on a research slot :confused:


Have you gotten any similar reports @Roxx?

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It seems to just be a visual bug. I was able to complete and start 2 researches and it shows 2 on the mini-menu when outside of the stronghold, just you can only see one when looking at the lab menu in the stronghold.

mine is also missing, and im not able to assign a second set of research like the mja00 mentioned above. please fix

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I’m also missing a research slot.

Problem is, The research is complete in that slot, but i cannot access the entry to claim it.
Bubble above the Research says complete (1/2).

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Same problem, i have a completed research but cannot complete it, the slot is not showing.

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hey just put your names on this list to speed up the process

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Yes, it was driving me nuts trying to figure out what was going on.
I had a completed research locked behind another 5 hour research.

I ended up using tickets to complete the 5 hour and I was finally able to see the hidden research.

But there is currently only one slot now on the UI even though I could set two jobs to research.

same bug here…

Same bug, also with the shipyard… kinda annoying.

It’s definitely a visual issue, you can only see the most recent research/dispatch initiated. Once that completes the additional ones will show.

It just gives the false impression that you are only doing 1 item while you are doing more. Workshop does not appear to be affected.

Have the same issue.


It seems either to be a new bug or a widespread issue, see this thread.

And thanks for the workaround!