Missing rewards and loot in inventory


Server Avesta. That’s the second time I do not get loots and rewards in my inventory

First, it was just an epic loot (npc affinity item).

But now, it is the reward you get when you accomplish 60% of your book (Rethramis)
I was supposed to get a potion to get +5 of each stats… That’s annoying.

Is there any way to get it ? (as it is a reward, not a loot)

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same here

Nothing is added to your inventory for the stat potions, it’s automatically added to your character. Click the ‘Details’ button on the character profile screen and hover over the stat, it keeps track.

i got the gustaven’s holy water reward (relic rapport item worth 10,000 rapport) and it didn’t show in the inventory spot.

It’s got me wondering how many other rewards i didn’t actually receive because I didn’t check.

Players spend a lot of time grinding for these rewards and for them not to show up (i understand stat potions apply directly to the stats) is really concerning.

It doesn’t take up an inventory slot, it goes to storage. I–>Storage–>Rapport

Yeah, I know where it’s stored. It wasn’t there. It never hit the storage/ rapport. Which is a big reason why I’m wondering what other adventure tome rewards I never got.

They still haven’t fixed it and sent the missing item. This is super frustrating.

I didn’t receive it last night either when I hit 80% and was counting on it to raise rapport is it still bugged is their anyway to get it