Missing royal crystals before patch

just wonder if there is anyone experiencing this before the patch?
I lost all my royal crystals 1 day before the patch and contacted support, only thing I can do right now is waiting for the dev’s reply.

all my blue crystals & gold is fine, currency exchange history looks normal to me.

I am also having the same issue! Right before the new stuff comes out hope Amazon figure this out

Same here, all 4000 of my royal crystals disappeared and it’s been really frustrating because I want to buy the ark premium pass

Samething happened to me. I lost exactly 4,000 royal crystals. Maybe it has something to do with the royal crystals from the gold founder’s pack? I still have the royal crystals leftover from the Platinum founder’s pack.

Mine is gold pack + free royal crystals
Still nothing from them

Same here. We lost real money to this big and have had no response yet from smilegate. This company has lot a ton of trust with me over this issue. I lost like $35 in crystals and no word yet. I don’t even know if they are working on it. Really crappy customer support system.

yo lads, I suggest trying to contact Amazon live chat regarding this issue, they might be able to do something right away instead of waiting here - Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

That’s what I did, they told me that they do not have the tools to check, and I’ve been told to wait for the dev’s reply.
The reason why I posted here is to see how many people are affected.

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yikes, hope it gets fixed soon ma man

Yeah amazon customer support is a joke tbh

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ANy updates?

I also purchased a gold founders pack and had several thousand royal crystals disappear just prior to the last update. I opened a ticket and they replied back telling me they have no traces of crystals on my account. I opened a live chat today, and that person finally found out that my crystals were showing as being refunded to steam on April 19th. So I have to show proof that I did not receive a refund, and am currently waiting for a response.

I have seen quite a few posts that seem to point towards the gold founders pack crystals having this issue.

contacted amazon live support again,
this is the answer they’ve got for me
“It shows they refunded/chargebacked their gold founder’s pack which normally gives you 4000 Royal Crystals, since they refunded it the crystals were deleted.”.

I did provide this post for them.

How they react/respond to this issue is really weird and slow to me, no offence to the “supporting team”.
It just feels like they don’t care, there’s no official post/tweet from them, I don’t even know if they are actually working on it.
This is just my point of view, cause I feel disappointed, to be honest.
Sorry for my wording and bad English.

I also followed up and got the same exact response, that my founder’s pack was refunded on the 19th of this month. Very strange. They asked for my steam purchase history, which I just sent over. Waiting for a response.

I asked if they need anything from me, he/she said no.

Same thing happened to me. If they refunded the gold founders then where is the $50 that should have also been refunded. This when situation seems bizarre.

it’s technically been 1 month since I lost all my royal crystals, contacted them 4 times in total, still waiting, and amazon games/smilegate still hasn’t mentioned anything about it publicly.