Missing second founders pack

Hi most of my guildies allredy received their second platnium pack i am still missing mine and im sure others are as well and im seeing post on reddit and in general discussion that people are receiving doubles.

Again, i did not receive my second one.

ign: Averiah
Server: Karta


still not got mine mate, you’re not alone :frowning:

Official news about the granting. They said they needed about 24 hours to complete the procedure so please be patient for a bit. I suggest to write again after 2PM PT (11PM CET).

I miss it too

My husband who bought his platinum pack hours before the game went f2p got his already, while me, who bought the platinum pack the day they started the pre-order haven’t gotten anything yet. This is really making me worry tbh.

I still have not got my second pack as well.

i preorderd in october of last year so i can honestly say i feel this in a way.

I still haven’t received the Platinum Founder’s Pack as well, are we going to receive it in our product inventory?
Thank you :slight_smile:

i also have gotten mine :slightly_frowning_face: hopping i do

I have both bronze and platinum neither has arrived :frowning:

I didnt get the second platinum pack too. And i bought the Vanquisher starter pack too. I’m a little bit worried :S

Hi everyone!

And welcome to the forums to @Doctorbakertv, @Aeruuuuuuu, @dekkerbroersma, @Circadian and @henriquecb25!

I’m sorry to hear you all are having issues with your second Founder’s pack, but as @Rieltrem mentioned, it can take about 24 hours for everyone to get the second one. The procedure should be over at 2 pm pacific time, as Reiltrem also mentioned.

So please, have a little patience. If for some reason you don’t get the pack after 2 pm (PT) please check the Official news section to see if there was any delay being informed and you can also contact us to our live chat to continue assisting (Contact Us | Amazon Games).

Have a good day!


Thank you :slight_smile:

hello i jsut switched server whit my freinds and im missing mine too :frowning:

After i am still missing all of the Twitch drops during the Legends event, i am kind of worried mine will not arrive. the level of patience is coming nearly to an end for me.

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thanks you guys rock!

I still have not received mine either evenn though I pre-ordered mine. I hhope itll arrive soon the plat founders pack

not got mine either.

Haven’t gotten mine, have logged out, restarted, etc. Multiple times.

same here no second pack yet, and I bought one. Mrgirl on galatur server please and thank you :slight_smile: love the game btw