Missing second vern powerpass

Having the same issue as this person, tried everything as well

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I hope you are having a great weekend and thank you for reporting this issue. It will be a pleasure to help.
In order to track the power pass and find out a solution I will need to know the name of your main character and the server.
As the title mention you have missed the second power pass I also need the name of your first boosted character with the first power pass.

I’ll be around hero!

Server: Shandi
Main: Meiqi
first boosted character: Tuttimelon




can yall fix your game?

Hello again @chickennugget

Let me apologize for the late answer it will be a pleasure to keep helping here!

I can confirm that your character Tuttimelon received the email with the power pass correctly. Unfortunately this email was deleted due to expiration time. A possiblity for this to happen is to let the email unclaimed on the box and after certain time the systems delete it.

Since this is a very specific isuee I would suggest to contact chat support and report this situation even thoug I can not guarantee that the porwer pass will be refunded

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