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I am from the UK and when I first started Lostark there were no places on local servers so I ended up with a character on the South American server. At the time there were several servers and now they are down to three. Each time this happens I am bumped to a new server and all my things put in global storage which is quite annoying.
Since they can move me to another server is there any chance I could be moved to a more local server?
The reason being is that when I try to do any of the dungeons there are few people to join me, particularly as I am probably gaming when most of the people from South America are asleep…or just getting up for work!

No, they cant move you to another region. Your region is South American. If you want to play on NA you need to make a new Roster there.

just start over on EU server
UK ppl still play on EU right


Yeah we haven’t forgotten where Europe is, in fact we are still in Europe, just not the European union :slight_smile:
As to starting over I have invested too much time in this character to do it all again :frowning:

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Answer is no.
They can’t merge regions and they can’t move characters betweet regions.

You either start over, or keep playing on SA

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