Missing Silver during Yorn Questline

I had about 2.1 million silver and about halfway through the Yorn questline, I only have 660k left, I don’t recall ever spending that much silver and I’m not sure where it all went. It seemed to all just vanish instantly, I had 2.1 M and then the next I checked most of it was gone.

Server: NA West - Mari
Character: Excellia

People in these threads seem to be having the same issue:

Is this a bug? Is there any way for me to get my silver back?


I just had the same problem and I don’t know what to do too. I was in the ice island do some quest and I logout yeaterday and login again today Just saw my silver from 1.17m to 170k still see many people have to same problem

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Same happens to me after complete Yorn Quest too. Lost 1.4kk ;-;

Server: SA Kazeros
Character: TiredPotato

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Same thing just happened to me. Lost 1.4M silver during Yorn questline.

Server: Una
Character Name: Rumiñawi

Same for me, lost around 1M silver during Yorn Questline, no idea where.

Server: EU West - Moonkeep
Character: Fluffymage


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let alone 500K was the first extra login bonus on EU West, everything gone!

Also lost 1M silver, I have literally 821 silver left like xD

Server : EU - Anthares
Character : Erickless

I lost 1M too. Not sure when it happened but I feel like it was during one of Tortoyks quests.

Server: SA Kazeros
Character: Orsini

really annoying ngl, can we get clarification? It didn’t happen on my character on EU Central

Has anyone here gotten support from staff or something? When I try accessing the Support page on the main site, I get 404 page does not exist… @staff @Roxx

Hello, I think I found the solution because that is the explanation why my silver is gone:

Wandering Merchant and I bought “Back Alley Rum” which apparently costs 1M Silver or more.

You can easily check the Adventure Tome because I found it:

Well, better be more careful next time a merchant appears :smiley:


That seems about right, I have been buying lots of things from wandering merchants as of late.

That being said, I don’t think this should be a thing.
Being able to throw away 50 hours of silver and your ability to even teleport or use bifrost completely.

Just because I didn’t payed attention to 1 item, when every other item bought with silver teaches you to not even care about pricing.

This needs to change.

Why charge this in silver? I think items like these should have its currency changed to pirate coins or some other coin like that to avoid this problem.

I did yorn week ago. I dont even remember but i can clearly say it’s not just yorn quests. I finished Punika main like 4 days ago. All i did is fishing since then. However i lost 2m silver at town ?

I just lost around 1kk of silver I was traveling by boat from sushine to yorn and it just disappeared