Missing Skill Points On Alternate Character

I’ve recently completed the second awakening quest on my main character, and went to collect my second awakening skill on my alternate character. But after going to trixion and collecting the stuff from mail, I appear to be missing skill points from the associated awakening quest on my alternate character

Yeah I have 288 skill points on main and all my alts that were made day were still only have 282, Idk where theyre missing from.

LOL just posted a ticket about this that im missing 6 skills points to.

Same issue here, I did the 2nd awakening quest on my main then I went to Trixion with both my alts and I got everything even the skill potion but no skill points added. 6 missing in each alt.

Is there a way to open a personal ticket over this issue? or just leave it here on the forum and wait for a response

I’m also missing 6 skill points

For all the people in this thread, make sure you’re accounting for level differences. Your mains are most likely at least one level above your alts, and levels above 50 still give skill points.

I’m an idiot.