Missing skin selection chest from new event

I accepted the packs from my mail and left the chest in my inventory to decide later which I wanted to choose and am now missing the Animal Skin chest for my character. Please help if able!

Enviska server. Character name Shroby.

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Same exact issue with all skin chests, meaning mounts, pets and animal skin chest. I took them out and put them in my roster storage so I could decide later which one I want but today they’re gone.

Beatrice server. Character name Samengirl.

EDIT: For some reason today the chests turned up in my storage. Although not in the roster storage where I originally put them but in the main storage of my main character. (The character with whom I opened them). So for me the issue is closed. Good luck to everyone else.

Got the same issue, weird thing is that those chest cannot be deleted. Just had the costume one disapear, still got the mount one.

Hi, same issue here, Enviska, Gnekasha

I also have opened the gift and have the pet chest and the mount chest, however, the skin is located in a present. This may be the case for all of you as well. Happy Hunting.


Same, stored my skin chest to choose later and now its gone from my storage…

Azena server. Character name Pushinpeaz

Same here…Azena - Brabbit

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Same here Server: Mari, Character Pfloydy

I have several types missing. I put them into my pet storage on 2 different characters