Missing skin selection chests

I purchased several skins and moved them to my character storage and then moved them to the pet storage on my character. I no longer see the chests in my inventory. I have done a file integrity check and everything that is suggested.

This has happened on 2 separate occasions. I did not know the older chests were missing until i found out the new ones were gone.

Hello @Pfloydy, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry to read that your skin selection chests are missing, you mentioned that you were moving these between your pet and character storage, please make sure to check all your storages and inventories in case they were accidentally moved somewhere unintended.

If you still can’t find your chest, please provide us with the name and server of your characters as well as the name of the skins that you were moving, and if possible, the date when these items were moved.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia!

Thank you for providing this information @Pfloydy.

Do you remember the name of the skin selection chests that are missing?

i have checked. They are not anywhere. I don’t remember which character i had the first set of chests but it could be my Bard - Psarlocke on the Mari server. This last set of chests were on Pfloydy on the Mari server. Once i put them into my pet inventory on both characters, they were gone after the 3 days that i could put them for sale if i wanted and also stack them into 1 pile.

I think they were the Arkesia’s Fidelity Skln Set because they were bought with Royal Crystals. There is a lot of money that is now gone.

If it is not possible for you to restore these items then i would like a reimbursement of the crystal purchases.

Hello again @Pfloydy.

After researching with the information you’ve provided it seems that the Arkesia’s Fidelity Sets on your account were sold in the Market, unfortunately because of this it won’t be possible to provide you with a replacement.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Have a good day in Arkesia.