Missing Skins from Feast with Friends update?


It looks like we are currently missing the following sets of skins from the shop:

Currently the shop only contains the alternate version of the skins that do NOT have caped coat with fur around the neck area.
These skins were shown in both the “Feast with friends” news page and the promotional video which is why I thought they should have been added to the shop with the update.

You can see from above that the promo shows all 4 versions of the skins:

  • White suit without coat cape and fur
  • Black suit without coat cape and fur
  • White suit WITH coat cape and fur (missing from shop)
  • Black suit WITH coat cape and fur (missing from shop)

Could you please advise if this is an oversight and if they will be added into the shop at a later date?


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I bought this chest expecting to get it and I didn’t :(((

Hopefully this is a mistake and they haven’t just withheld / removed them to sell as something separate later.

That’s unlucky :frowning:
Hopefully a CM can look into this soon and provide some confirmations on this

Just saw in another thread that Roxx has confirmed we will be getting them at a later date :slight_smile: