Missing some of my crystals

Not sure if I’m making a duplicate post. Seems like my old one just disappeared… which is ironic considering the topic.

Anyway, I’ve bought the level 50 crystal pack (2.6k crystals) and I’ve completed some quests that have given crystals. I had about 2900 in total. I’ve bought crystal aura and una’s daily task skip x10. After these purchases I still had nearly 2.3k crystals left. Yesterday crystals disappeared for everyone. Today when I logged back in I only have around 1.8k crystals rather than the 2.3k I previously had. Anyone else?

Hello! :mage:

I’m sorry about the situation with your crystals desappearing, this can be quite confusing for sure! Let’s see if I’m able to help you today! As a general troublsehooting, we could try logging out and into the game again to see if the crystals do show up! Additionally, so I can do some checking, could you please reply to this post with your character’s Name, Server and Region please? Thanks in advance, I’ll be lurking for the answer!


I’ve tried logging out and in again. Didn’t help. Character’s name is Sipidsin, Mokoko server, EU central (located in Finland myself).

Thanks for the help distante

Hello! :mage:

I’m back! So, upon checking up on my resources, i can confirm that we have registered roughly 1.8k crystals. I apologize for the inconvenience. The best way to proceed in this case would be to Contact Us via our live chat service so one of our representatives can help you raise a web ticket and check your specific situation. They may ask for your game’s logs, wehich will help us take a deeper look at your specific situation! I hope this helps, Farewell :mage: