Missing song required for progression - Galatur MSQ

Hoping someone can help. Galatur support thread is dead, so I’m posting here. Missing Heart’s Melody which is needed to begin T3, as it is used in one of the first quests in Punika. I don’t have the stronghold bug, I just need a world quest added.

Please help man, I’ve been stuck missing Tortoyk for a month and have been waiting at 1100 ilvl for nearly a week, I just want to play in T3.

Character Name: Roos
Server: Galatur
Issue: Missing Hearts Melody/Tortoyk Questline
Last Quest: Sweet on Sweetwater

Hello @Roos

Apologize for this incovenience it would be a pleasure to help you get that song!
Currently the “Heart’s Melody” song is a reward from a quest named “Time for Treatment” wich you can find in the Forest of Giants after completing 2 quest Heal the Pain and Fraught with Danger both from the NPC Posiposi in the Tortoyks - Forest of Giants.

If you have already completed those requirements and still dont get the song please contact chat support to elevate the case and take the necessary actions to solve it!

Hope this information helps
Keep gaming heroe!

@Achieveme Yes, I am unable to complete that quest because the Galatur MSQ bug took away my Tortoyk questline. Since you’re here, can you please add the quest that follows ‘Sweet on Sweetwater’ from Tortoyk onto my character? My character name is ‘Roos’ on Galatur. Thanks!

@Achieveme I’m online now if someone is available to fix this. Thanks

@Achieveme I’m online now, please fix

Hello again @Roos

Excuse me for the delayed answer.
Unfortunatelly i can not solved this issue by myself from the forums service. I recomend to create a case from the chat support that way we can take the necessary actions on this issue.

Hope this helps!

@Achieveme I already have, and they have done nothing. People on the forums have already been solving these issues in the Galatur thread. They have shown that they have the tools to fix it right then and there. Where are they? Are they no longer active?

@Achieveme Still need assistance from either @Chesca or @ArthurFleck . It’s officially been an entire month since we’ve had this issue. Please let me play the game. I just need a single quest added to my account.

EDIT: My quest has finally been added, after 4 weeks. I do not believe this solution came from the forums, but from them finally getting to my ticket.

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