Missing Step in Quest Chain

Hey there! After completing Black Market Products quest in Journey chain to unlock the second Awakening skill, next quest, namely Trust or Interrogation, doesn’t appear anywhere. Please find the screenshot attached.

Upon googling it seems that the same NPC, after handing in Black Market Products to him, should give out Trust or Interrogation quest to the character, this doesn’t happen. First, my character was left in disguise to no avail, after taking disguise off nothing has changed.

Troubleshooting done: closed and reopened the game, repaired Steam game files.

Awakening quest chain was started on one and only character on this account leading to the current point in Shushire. Please advise.

Thank you.

Click the arrow on the quest under minimap to view current quest location

I can’t pick up the next quest in the chain to be able to

To add to it, here’s a screenshot when the character is next to the NPC which gives both “Black Market Products” and “Trust or Interrogation” quests couple minutes ago.

I checked with Trixion, she had Awakening quest ready for me. Supposedly, the quest chain auto completed as soon as I used a power pass. The issue is rectified. Feel free to close the post.

Nice to hear :grinning:

Have fun!