MIssing stuffs in “Product Inventory”

I just logged in and I had 5-6 sttufs in my “Product Inventory”, now they are gone.

In-game server: Neria
Character Name: Raisanora

Me too I lost 8 days of Aura weren’t claimed yet, and I also lost my 30 days aura (Already activated) I just played one night and the next day it was poof,
even tho in the menu screen it says Aura Benefits or smth like that on the top right.

IG Server: brelshaza
Character name : Chaduwu

Hello! @Raisanora

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I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing with the Product Inventory not showing the items that are not claim yet.

I recommend to check on your characters inventory to make sure that the items are not there, if the items are not on your characters inventory please exit the game and verify the integrity of the game files, steps to do it will be on the link below:

I hope this helps! :waxing_crescent_moon:

Hello! @Chaduwu

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I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing with the Aura Benefits. Just to make sure on your issue, you are seeing the Aura active but you are not getting any of its benefits correct?

If so, please try verifying the integrity of the game files, and let me know it solve the issue.

Have a great day!

I have the same problem - I had unclaimed twitch drops and other items just in case i have to switch servers to play with friends. I claimed the founder pack though and now i have no aura active (30 days one claimed) and all items in the Product Inventory have vanished.

Game files are fine.

Any ideas?

Inchy - Zinnervale

Same problem here. Prime and Twitch drops were there on 11 Dec when I started playing, and they have been missing for the last two days. It seems to have happened when the store was under maintenance. Playing for hours without logging out did not help either.

The character selection menu,
it says Aura Applied, but in actual game, its turned off.
And the benefits are gone

Edit: my bad, it says Aura Benefits Applied in Server selection

Hello @Dim ,
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The very same thing also happen to me and my friend. Since the last few days (I think since Friday, after official launch) we’re unable to use our Crystaline Aura that was active before and should still be active now. It just says I don’t have it (Although on server selection screen, in the top right corner it has this sign with “Crystaline Aura Benefits”, none are applied once I’m logged in to the server) .We also have our in-game Product Inventory completely empty while it used to have couple of items (including our yet unclaimed Founders Packs and Twitch Drops, something around 9 items in total).

I have double-checked the inventory to be sure it’s missing (as you suggested to @Raisanora ). My game files are also fine. Until now I believed that it’s some known issue that you’re working on, but your answer troubles me a bit, because it sounds like you might not be aware of the problem that seems to be global or at least region/server-wide.

I’m on Neria server, however I see reports on the forum about the same case from other servers too.

Could you please at least confirm the issue is known to you and tell all the people affected by it that their inventory will be back soon and we’re not losing any bought stuff? Of course I would also appreciate getting a working solution too! :slight_smile:

Hello @Dim ,
thanks, my problems are now resolved thanks to you and LostArk team, I’ve got my Aura and the 8 days which weren’t claimed yet.

Hello! @Chaduwu

That is great to hear that the issue was already fixed.

Everyone, if you are still experiencing the issue please get in contact with a representative from the live channels so this can be reported as soon as possible.

Contact us

Thank you everyone , have an awesome day!