Missing Title and Pet

Character Vorenfuy server Galatur

I was playing last night and wasnt aware that the server was coming down. I got booted from game and it took a few before I found out they announced it on twitch (i dont really use twitch much). Then upon logging in the next day, my character had to repeat several quests to catch back up to where I was before the d/c. My Heroic Founders title disappeared!!! As well as my white rabbit pet I got from a quest line in the first city. So far I havent seen any other issues, though people are saying there could be an issue later with MSQ. Would appreciate some help, as I have tried everything on my end.

And yes I already had the title and pet applied to my account from my inventory.

Thanks for any timely advice

Hey @korinzu,

I’m sorry to see that you are missing your title and rabbit pet.

As seen in this official post, regarding affected players from Galatur:

We are requesting players to contact our live chat support so they can assist you further. Please click on the “Contact Us” link so your can reach them.

Have a good day!

Sorry I didn’t know if I should post there or create a new one, I also didn’t see that particular part for chat support. Doing it now, thank you so much!

They said that because the game is in maintenance they cant do anything, then linked me an article that said they will resend founder chests to encourage server migration… but that doesnt help me with the pet that has vanished… or tell me if my founders title will return. very sad :frowning:

Hi again,

Sorry to hear they couldn’t help you because of the maintenance. Please contact Live support again once the maintenance is over so they can properly assist you. You can check on the https://forums.playlostark.com/c/official-news/22.

Regarding the resend of the Founder’s pack, that’s right, it’s to encourage migration, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to help you with your lost title and pet.

Thank you for your interest and patience.