Missing Twitch Drops - 62 hours

Hi. its been 62 hours but I’ve yet to receive any of my twitch drops. I’ve explicitly claimed them on twitch and connected and reconnected my steam and amazon account many times. I hope this can be resolved as I’ve watched 16 hours of twitch streams to get the drops.


Hello @wim.onderbeke

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Thank you for the report about your drops. Im sorry for the issue you currently have.

Please check the following: Welcome to our forums and Lost Ark community. in order to make sure a step was not skipped in order to get the drops.

Also please check Claiming Twitch Drops - Support | Amazon Games

If you still cant get the drops and your are 100% everything is linked and set properly, please create a Web Ticket by going to Contact Us | Amazon Games and make sure to provide all possible information like character name, world/server you are and this post on the email information.

Best regards,

I also have completed all the steps and contacted support after ensuring I completed all the steps several times. I managed to get a prompt reply, but I was asked to repeat all steps again. I have watched and earned completion for the drops. I have already checked and my Amazon prime is connected to twitch prime and steam is connected to twitch and Amazon. I have no button to claim anything as everything shows a check mark and says I am connected in the campaign as well. My friends watched me do the same exact things they have done and had no issue claiming and receiving their drops.