Missing Universal Storage, haven't found solution in other threads

Universal Storage is not showing up under Guide tab.

Other topics related to Universal Storage do not have solutions.

I have a ilvl900 Bard and have switched to ilvl400 Berserker and am trying to claim items from the previous login event that remain unclaimed but Universal Storage is missing.

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Universal storage shows up when any achievement is unlocked.

Please check inventory and pet inventory on both the characters once, to see if you are able to find them.

Please check in game mails too.

I hope this helps! :sunflower:

This has not helped.

Have been unlocking achievements all day and checking my inventory with no Universal Storage in sight.

I do not use Crytalline Aura so I do not have a Pet Storage.

Universal storage only shows up when you have an item in it to claim.

Product inventory is always accessible using the button next to login reward at top of screen.

So if say for instance the dyes that were a login reward in the last daily login event period; I never claimed it or used it, the next question would be did I lose everything I didn’t claim? I thought unclaimed items went to universal storage or some verbiage like that.

Afaik if you did not claim it at all, and the period has ended you can not claim it now. This happened to a few other people here too in different threads. My advice would be to claim all, and if you have no space in inv, leave in your mailbox until you are ready. This gives you a full 29 days to claim from mailbox

That’s great. Awesome to know I just completely threw away those goodies because my inventory/storage was full at the time.

What a wonderful experience.

Marking this topic as solved.

There’s too much this game doesn’t tell you about. What an incredibly disappointing waste.