Missing used powerpass

I had used a Punika powerpass from the arcanist or machinist release on my lvl 1 assassin, it said powerpass in progress/in use above the name until recently. However today when I chose reaper as a class the activated powerpass was gone and it says powerpass eligible. Do used powerpasses expire aswell? The powerpass didn’t have an expiration date while sitting unused but I used it just in case it does. Is it bugged and is there a way to get it back or am I just screwed?

Hey @Esudesu I hope you’re doing great and I’m very glad to welcome you to the forums!

Really sorry for this situation you experienced being unable to find your power pass that was already in use, have you tried verifying the steam files integrity and restarting the game? Let me know if after that you’re able to find the mount.

If the issue persist please head to the following link so our peers over the website can take a look further into this:

Wish you a nice day and see you on Arkesia!