Missing World Quest - Travel Points

Hello everyone!

I was told to make a forum from the Amazon support regarding to: Galatur Account Issues

So, Last night around 11:30pm, the server crashed, and was put down for maintenance that lasted 3-4 hours. Now, I have lost about 1/2 bar of XP ( Which if fine i can get it back ) but the worst part. I have NO WORLD QUEST, and I have lost EVERY triport that I’ve ever been too. Every single one, from Rethramis all the way to Arthetine. I just want to hit level 50 and play in end game, I’m also missing some upgraded gear I had, but again, least of my worries.

What am I supposed to do in the mean time, with 0 side quests in sight, and killing mobs gives 3-9xp per kill.

The game is great and beautiful. Just want my progress back so I can continue to experience the game.

Thanks for reading