Mistaken bans? do you have principles to against Amazon?

I made same post earlier in support categories, and it is locked now.
i have to mention this thread is just about drawing my POV and to see everyone’s thought.

Do not bring any preconceived idea about whether my friend did RMT or innocent, it doesnt matter to the topic

This is a case of my friend got banned
Clearly perfunctory reply in the last image.
Amazon is being like that they would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go.
Do you all agree the way amazon does to protect the overall community and integrity of the game experience for all, instead of more effort to deal with bots :slight_smile:
Does these mistakenly banned players have any rights as a consumer?

I am giving a metaphor to emphasize my point, it is unlike real life, amazon clearly knows that because they can’t be like for example a cop IRL who found drags in my pocket and try to find evidence to convicte me, and I can’t be like a real innocent person IRL who has right and able to prove that i got framed. Therefore Amazon just executed all suspects because we seem has no one think this far and speak up, as well especially we have nowhere to actully appeal, of course thier team of moderators are not a judge. look at the last image again, that is how Amazon convicte


Hate to break it to you, but this thread is gonna get locked just like your previous post.

I hope it does, if the friend can’t even bother to create his own thread (of which this isn’t the place) then what else needs to be said?
Mah friend din do nuffin herp derp.

If your friend sues (as threatened), make sure to post it here. I need material for my popcorn. :popcorn:

No I do not - But an overwhelming majority of the community do. People legitimately do not believe that a company could possibly be so inept and honestly this doesn’t really surprise me at all… I still don’t believe some of the shit that I have seen from AGS support over the past year. They routinely lie to players about the systems that they have in place.

Not really.

Tell your friend that if he is legitimately innocent he will probably have better luck with the German appeals team. English team is abnormally slow. Like it takes weeks for them to resolve a single case sometimes.


The friend is not legitimately innocent.
One screenshot shows that Amazon has checked that he RMTed 200k gold.

This thead-starter is an RMT sympathiser and should be banned alongside his friend.


lil cutie didnt even read the whole thread, classic

Banned people cant post on the forums.

I already brought this up with the CM’s to have it changed, when i collected a list of about 50 people who were unrightfully banned (alot are still banned), but they dont respond to the issues and rather ignore or lock everything.


They know how to catch a cheater and anyone who isn’t is safe but if he got banned for a certain time it means they investigated it very well so no one here is innocent

The only integrity Amazon gives us is in the form of:

“Can you try verifying the integrity for the game files”

Also making topics for banned cases is useless because CMs have no power to change it, the only way is to contact support and make an appeal - which can be hard if you only get automated bot responses

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So you can vouch for every single one of the 50 people you just talked about? You checked all of their purchase histories from all cards/accounts they have or you just sat next to them while they were using computer all the time?


Yes i checked most if not all of the cases personally before they gotten on that list.

Everything is documented aswell, all contact points with AGS also are.

So you know where every single piece of gold on their account came from as well then. Like EVERY SINGLE PIECE.

If that’s the case then goodluck but most people will try to hide that they RMT even after they get banned and say they got wrongfully banned.

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I wasnt talking about cases involved with rmt in the first place.

But keep looking for excuses to blame banned people.

Literally the most bans for “Cheating” are for RMT what are you on about?

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No they are not, there been cases from all over the place, even due to hours played or bought skins. Maybe your assumption is that but thats not the reality of it.

And you know that HOW exactly? Word of mouth from people who got banned? You know that they won’t openly admit to doing something against TOS even if they get banned and will claim innocence all the time, right? I didn’t say there aren’t people who get caught in the crossfire but most people who claim they’re innocent are not.


Because it literaly says so in their gdpr request at times.

It doesnt matter, your literaly looking for an excuse to blame banned people from the first post you responded to me even though it isnt THAT simple. My cases were all checked had nothing to do with rmt.

Good luck reading, these cases are from about 10days of collecting.

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Not even gonna bother reading. If they’re innocent they’ll get unbanned eventually. If they’re guilty they’ll stay banned. A lot of people who were caught in crossfire by mistake got unbanned so if some are staying banned there must be a reason for it and it doesn’t matter what they tell/show you.