Mistaken bans? do you have principles to against Amazon?

Right, your pretty ignorant when it comes to how AGS handles stuff.

Come talk to me when you need them and they dont help you.


Needed their support 3-4 times maybe more. Helped me every time. Maybe issue lies with you and all of the “50 people” that you’re trying to “help”.

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Guys, I admit that I am not good at expressing, but clearly I mentioned this topic is about Amazon is executing bans with much powerful unreasonable power behaves over players/consumers’ right. Any preconceived idea about whether ppl did RMT or innocent, it doesnt matter to the topic.

Exactly, thats why Elp has nothing to contribute here as he thinks people are guilty until proven innocent.

People like him are why AGS constantly gets away with their stuff, because people keep excusing them for their shitty practices and refuse to read the actual facts when you shove it in their faces.


If you haven’t realised that’s how it works in ALL games. You’re guilty until you’re proven innocent. Gaming companies reserve every right to take any actions they want against accounts because you don’t OWN the game or account even if you made/bought it. You’re using the right to access the account not to own it. If they wanted they could ban entire playerbase and they wouldn’t have to explain.

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yea, very childish meanless comment, this might too much high level topic for you, justice will come automatically without fight for yourself that you believe. this not even a case of facing a judge, you a truly faithful believer of AGS

Friend RMT.
Friend got banned for RMT.

Seems like justice was already served.


so much unilaterally one-sided view

" According to the agreement that you agree to every single time you buy a game on Steam, “the Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Content and Services .” You’re not buying the games, you’re buying the license to use them"

Yeah I guess it is. Game accounts work the same way. You don’t own anything you just have permission/access to use the accounts you make.

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@Fenrirskoll close this one too pls. Same post as before that was closed.

yea, with all you mentioned, are you happy with the situation we got, i was happy as well as my friend until thing happened that made me realized what AGS been doing , of course you a good boy might say youself would never do anything suspiciously relate to RMT. but im telling you the topic is not only about RMT, there might other thing happen in the further, but do we have any right against thier power in principle. is it reasonable being the way like this

We don’t have any power but it’s the way it is. Since you don’t own game/account you’re using and technically they do they have the right to do anything they want since you agree to their TOS before you can start using that game/account. If you don’t agree to TOS you can’t access the game/account.

Who they ban/unban is totally at their discretion and it can’t really be influenced by anything on the outside.

You are correct, I forgot about the whole linking bullshit Amazon got going for it.
And still people bother with this game, it’s like cutting your own hands (the more you care or like the game).

From what I gathered the people that react to reports/tickets are from India, basically a mage-assassin situation where they have absolutely no damn clue about the game nevertheless plays it. I’m not going to write a whole list of what is wrong about this version of the game or tell people to quit but I am of opinion that the more you care the more you’ll get hurt by this company.


well I dont consider them yet. what AGS mentioned only is, we rmter or innocent idc, who violate the code of conduct, refer to that “Do not engage in real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.” which I totally deny. and what ridiculous is I can’t give proof im innocent either AGS can’t prove im guity too. Alright therefore I now consider everything you mentioned whatever TOS which are so unfair.

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@S95Sedan Always amazes me that people still have so much faith in AGS when it comes to account bans after all the shit that went down after the game launched. Literally thousands of accounts banned by automated systems for weeks. I guess the community has a pretty short memory when it comes to that kind of stuff… ohh crap I forgot according to AGS support they dont have any automated bans at all :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Keep hittin that copium guys im sure nothing bad will happen to any of your accounts in the future. Lost Ark is 100% a safe investment. 10/10 would recommend.


Usually some people only realize after being taken advantage of, or empathic people can easily understand from scenarios, except those deeply faithful believers

this customer support thread looks like it was made by a bot not a specialist

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The following is my current point of view (for those who like to read, which most don’t cause my response is too long xD):

Regarding my personal thoughts, when I looked at the terms of use [“We may also terminate your right to use the Games at any time, without compensation or notice to you.”], I know what to expect when I click on agree (i.e., the risk you are taking when you put time and money into this game, and the possibility of being denied services for whatever reason). I believe these terms of services apply to all other “similar” games and help avoid liability, in order to make these type of games viable as a business (i.e., incentive to make games).

I agree with amazon’s general approach to protect the overall community and integrity of the game experience in the “business” perspective, but not in the quality of their team/hires as we have seen (“assassin mage”). However, I do not have the expertise/knowledge in knowing how to optimize their “approach” in order to maximize profit (i.e. customer discovery). As a consumer, I have low expectations with a f2p model, because I know what I’m getting into (prevalent botting issues, imbalances with pay to progress or pay to win issues, etc). Regarding putting more effort to deal with bots, I do not think it’s feasible to use manpower due to the costs associated with it, and it’s better to rely on automated flags for running a f2p. However, if you can write a program to learn and identify bots, you can make alot of money, but then it’ll push for the development of smarter bots to evade this system; also, it’s a question on whether they are already using this system (I do not work in the gaming industry so I do not know what tools they have available).

Regarding consumer rights, “You may also be entitled to certain consumer protection rights under the laws of your local jurisdiction;” and I don’t want to spend time to research what these rights are. Thus “mistakenly banned players” have “limited” or potentially no consumer rights from agreeing with the terms of service.

I know what to expect when I click on agree (i.e., the risk you are taking when you put time and money into this game, and the possibility of being denied services for whatever reason). I believe these terms of services apply to all other “similar” games and help avoid liability, in order to make these type of games viable as a business (i.e., incentive to make games).


He received 220000 in RMT gold. Stop complaining. He cheated and got caught. They have the data. Deal with it.

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