Mixed Steam Reviews because of the recent decisions

The game went from having mostly positive reviews to mixed reviews because players are not happy with the recent decisions for the upcoming roadmap. No one likes 1 class every 2 months. People don’t want legendary skin lootboxes. People want the stronghold honing buff that KR got for the Vykas patch. Amazon isn’t listening to these crucial points so players are unhappy. They claimed to be transparent and communicate better but I don’t see any improvements. They haven’t addressed the lootboxes at all despite the many posts, for example. Everything is just PR talk. They even unlisted posts talking about leaving Steam reviews because they’re scared of backlash. They know what they’re doing and instead of being “transparent” they’re just trying to cover it up again. At this rate, the game wont last because of Amazon’s relationship with the community. It really has nothing to do with the base game because its successful in KR but not here.


they need to not only listen to players regarding the road map and dripping classes every 2 months but to start permabanning RMT

i honestly couldn’t care about bots, let bots invest the game but if RMT was perma bannable then the bots would slowly dwindle away because they would know that they’re wasting resources because no one would be buying from them but instead AGS lets them roam free and do what they want

because the people behind the third party websites know that there’s alot of illegal money to be had at the game that’s why they keep coming back, nip the RMT in the butt and there won’t be any reason for bots to stick around





Lost Ark KR version 10/10

Lost Ark NA/EU version 4/10


… more like
lost ark KR version 10/10
lost ark NA/EU version Z/10

cause not only is worse, its a travesti of the game


A lot of the reviews are motivated solely by the roadmap, but the majority I read through touch on wideranging issues of bots, the honing system, grinding, and various outfit problems.

It seems that the June roadmap was simply a tipping point for many people to go out and leave a review where class release is one of multiple factors.

A couple were saying things like, “will change this rating when class X is released” and those reviews are basically … not valuable as reviews. They are voicing discontent but not really explaining things to potential players.


I mean the bad reviews are deserved tho. I have been playing atleast 3 hours per day from the release on and i just can’t recommend this game to anyone with the current issues. Although i love this game, it just feels wrong.


Dont leave out SG. Remember, these decisions were revealed AFTER a return from Korea.

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@Roxx You should talk about this with SG :v

ok~ it still shows “mostly positive”. u might need to try a little harder to bring it down.

i havent placed my comments yet given my play hours sits at 1600+ at the moment. most likely i will vote “positive” as well despite of current situation. but I would like to hold my vote to wait and see 1st.

Its mixed instead of negative review because most people are too scared of the bot army so they just uninstall and never looking back

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This post gonna be deleted when CM/mods wake up…


There is no relationship Amazon has with this community. It’s just Roxx trying to communicate what she is allowed to. Imagine, 2 humongous companies, that afford 1 CM. Imagine how little they actually care.


They deserve it bro and even worse for not taking care of anything



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There’s a lot of people with thumbs up in recent times but have legit 0 hours this week played XD

Some whales even going into comments asking for shit XD White knights are sadge… It’s defiantly looking like most people dislike it though. More of the thumbs down i feel have actual comments in them. Some a few good jokes XD RMT/Ques or honing/classes seem to be the usual thumbs down.

Haven’t touched that shit in a while XD not worth :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel bad for Roxx, if you see this know we don’t direct this at you. <3

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Obviously, it’s not her fault! It never is. She is doing her best to carry our feedback to the teams. And afterward, it’s out of her hands. And it can feel weird because even though CMs aren’t responsible for these decisions, even though they can influence them, they are still the first people in the line of fire. I think the managers and the douchebags that make these decisions should have the courage to face players.

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I don’t even care that much about the road map and honing buff and etc.

All I want at this stage is being able to play the game. I.e queue problem.

If I knew Amazon was selling queue simulator I would have stuck with my old mmo, instead of losing months of progress and events therefore hard to go back to now.

Literally feels like I’ve been scammed.