MM Ayaya Kunge. lmao


The same happened to me today but the dps was a sharpshooter. Got it down in 8 minutes z.z
Btw Hopper can be such a troll sometimes, gotto hop carefully and maybe obtain a hopper license.:eyes:


Plz tell me 2 of them went dps and it wasnt 3 support ayaya

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i dont see any problem Artist can do 90% dmg of a full dps class with same gear

just change to dps specc. i mean you have 4x3 engravings for free

no problem

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yep, they go dps I played support. since I dont have a preset ready. it runs okay tho.

2 of them did.

ours was like 9mins almost 10, lmao we got GS but she run with SpiritAbsorption and Raidcaptain not the usual all dmg GS. but it was fun. haha :smiley:

It;s ok, cuz even support artist has way more dmg than a bard/pala.
With my bard i never saw 7 number dmg and she has way better gear than my ayaya.
I saw them with my support, same engravings, less geared up ayaya.
And a dps ayaya, has some pretty sweet dmg. Gonna doa second preset (gear and all) just full dps.

thats assuming all the standard dps classes are equal. its def not 90% of the overtuned S tiers but its over 100% of a reaper xdd

i mean sure i assume , when i say all dps classes , i mean on average of all of them

same like i assume in the same term every class is played from the average players skill lvl

would i take your skill lvl , sure artist would do no dmg , but you suck in playing every class
so on average your artist gameplay does still 90% dmg or your Main class , but in the end its still zero dmg

I wanna see a raid completed with 3 ayaya + 1 gunlancer. The ayaya can only use Hopper and the gunlancer can only use Leap.