MMO Happiness: unattainable?

It gets really old seeing the “Are you serious???” posts…

Most of the people ranting and raving here will not be happy regardless of the content released. The reality is I’ve been able to play this game for 684 hours as of tonight with 86 hours this week alone. I’m about to hit 1400 ilvl and haven’t spent a bunch of money to get what I have (minus costumes, and a bit of gold to get my founder’s costume which I foolishly gave to another character). I have 9 lvl 50+ characters (I’ve only used 3 knowledge managements and the 2 powerpasses), I’ve been able to 100% 7 zones, 43 island tokens, great pvp experiences thus far, 13/15 GHs, 37 masterpieces, cleared Argos p1 & 2, build up my almost lvl 40 stronghold, hit 55 on my pally to access a new tier on my skills, explore Metus, build up towards Una’s rewards, and more. So with all the time I’ve spent on the game, I still have stuff to do every day if I choose. I’m also enjoying Elden Ring. I’ve been playing that phenomenal game on the side while I’ve been waiting for THIS patch!

Look… all I’m saying is stop rushing things. This is the first MMO I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I think people have stopped appreciating the “fun” of a game and just scream ENDGAME from the tops of their lungs until they’re ultimately bored with it and go onto the next MMO or game that won’t satisfy their unreasonable thirst.

For the rest of you enjoying this steady release, I can’t wait to play with you all tomorrow. Safe travels!


Mate, wut?


So which part of this did you not get?

The problem is the expectations set by AGS/SG.

SG has said they want people in T3 ASAP and they don’t like T1/T2.
SG has said 1340-1370 is a deadzone and fixed it in their regions.
SG has said they want to get us up to date with the KR client ASAP.

And yet… we’ve got… well we’ve got what we’ve got, which is a gutted version of the game that isn’t even matching the original content release schedule from KR and from what we can tell, might even be SLOWER than the KR release schedule because now they’re using the “we’re waiting on enough people to be at the content ilvl to release it” metric.

Also, you don’t know shit about the people complaining on the forum, so how on earth can you know what they would or would not be upset with.


Cant comprehend simple english I guess.

Just stuff.

Just odd to say to stop rushing things as they proceed to post their stats in the game that kind of proves they’ve done the very thing that they are telling others not to do.

Missed the point.

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Honestly forget even having the time, why would you want to spend that much time on it lol.

Lost ark doesn’t have even close to enough engaging content for someone to play that much. Before you all freak out, like I said, ENGAGING. It definitely has content to fill your time.

Been on this forum since day -3 (headstart). I see a LOT of complaining. But keep talking like you know what I see.
I see a bunch of whiners demanding the full translation of a game that’s been out for ~3 years in Korea. Not only is that an extremely difficult proposition, but the West has a different playerbase than Korea which means even the core coding has to be changed in some respects. In addition to that, this is a business. It needs to make money. It needs to prove to shareholders, stakeholders, etc. that it can be successful here. You do that with a steady content release. If they released the full version of the game, people would blast through 3 years of content in a matter of months. That is a foolish design and would create gear disparities unlike any other MMO in history. They already blasted through T1 and T2 content as this game released with T1 as the endgame combined with island exploration and grinding. That’s already faster than Korea. So please know what you’re talking about before you make an ignorant comment like that, chum.

tbh we dont have the statistic details about players. We see lot in punika. But we don’t see how many in below regions. But SG does. Probably ( this is a guess ) they saw it and giving an event for them to catch up to t3. So more people come to t3 then they have arkpass to progress through t3. So more people will get ready for 1415 contents.
Director said he want all to enjoy the game. So that is what is happening as I see. It is only 2 and half months and we are already at valton.
They made mistakes yeah , but they gave events to miss those mistakes. Now they are finding the best bath.
I know I my self need more contents. I got pissed off when they told they got an issue in the morning. But yeah it is what it is.


PvP and leveling 4 other alts from scratch takes a surprising amount of time. I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve played. A lot of this was also learning the classes, studying the skills, playing around with builds and a LOT of PvP.

And I’ve been here since the release too, what’s your point?

I’ve seen some unreasonable complaints, but I’ve also seen oceans of completely legitimate complaints by players who like the game but hate how it’s being managed.

And as far as the profit thing… cmon man… they’re milking the shit out of the west and doing it in a completely greedy and unreasonable way. There’s a difference between profits and gameplay being in balance and something being driven almost entirely by profits.

It’s F2P.
If you don’t understand why SG would make these decisions, then you don’t understand how business works and why companies need to think long term if anyone is to invest in them.

I haven’t got milked. I haven’t spent a single dollar otherthan buying character slots.


Got it, so you’ve got no problem with just being a cog in the gaming industry where profits take priority over community and actual gameplay.

And I didn’t say your name, now did I?

I get it too. Paladin is my main and I can’t wait for more content. Have I felt the itch to cry for more content? Absolutely. However, I know myself well and I know that mindset will ALWAYS leave me unfulfilled. I’m just enjoying it as it comes and playing some other great games on the side in the meantime.

I am west . I myself include to “west”

I don’t mind waiting for content but I also wish classes weren’t treated as content since I wish I could invest into my main now.

Skins as well. I feel that 4 years of skins should be released at a faster pace. Early launch is a time they should be putting their best forward to get people excited and the skins released so far are the least popular ones. They should focus less on future hypothetical returning players and instead focus on retaining the players they have.

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It should be pretty obvious that when speaking about an entire region spanning multiple continents… that a statement such as the one I made doesn’t apply to any specific individuals, but rather to the region as a whole.

Broadly speaking, their release pacing and schedule have been geared towards milking as much money out of the playerbase as possible, despite constant discontent expressed by huge portions of the playerbase.

Clear enough?