MMO Happiness: unattainable?

By your logic, every video game player in history is a


If the company doesn’t make money, they don’t make games…
To be perfeclty honest with you, I’ve always hated the F2P model. I wish this game would’ve done a sub service. I would’ve gladly paid it and some cosmetic stuff on the side. But this is model they chose and we have to accept it or leave. We, as gamers, move mountains by what we pay for and what we don’t. It’s the same reason I hate the phone generation because a lot of great minds have moved there to make money (no surprise).

But if you 're naive enough to think that a video game company isn’t out to make a profit, I think it’s time for a reality check. We can change that with our money. They put out what they think we’ll buy. It’ll be that way until the end of time.

I agree with you there.
But I also see why they would hold out for slow class releases.
New releases ALWAYS bring back players. If they released everything at once… the only other interest they could generate would be through raw content. I think they’re making a smart decision.

yah. im a bard main. I level up my alts these days until valton comes.

I think that’s the key thing here. I think whoever is handling the feedback did a mighty big switcheroo in the company’s favor. They were able to translate all the negative feedback from the Argos release as “content coming too fast”, and so now they can really milk and drag things to heart’s content, waiting for players to catch up.

Bro they aint never gon’ catch up. I’m never gonna catch up, because what am I catching up to/for?

Okay, let me repeat myself:

There is a difference between games that prioritize profits over games that keep profit concerns in balance with their community and gameplay experience.

Both ways of doing it generate profits.

One is short sighted and results in bad reputation for the developers and a playerbase that shrinks to only the most hardcore fans, and the other results in a good reputation for the developers and a loyal playerbase that will fork over their cash for years to come.

Why are you advocating for the cash grab way of doing things?

I dont think as a whole region there are more than 5% whales .

I think you have the solution to your own statement.
You should be playing a game for your enjoyment… not some imaginary race. If you’re a pro player or streamer, then I get why you would. It’s likely your livelihood. But 99% of players aren’t playing that way… but because of these demands for more content, it can easily trick player into thinking they can only enjoy a game if they’re at the endgame stage… which is untrue.

So you can keep your disciplined self from crying for more content , but seeing someone else do it and you feel compelled to write up a “how I stay in love with LA” instead?


Before I answer this, please define to me what you think the “cash grab” pieces are of the game’s release.

Well see that’s one of the problems.

AGS/SG are withholding content because not enough people are at the minimum ilvl, but many people aren’t pushing to that ilvl because there is no content to do there…

Do you see the problem yet? =P

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Yes. That’s exactly it.
We, as gamers, have to get out of this insatiable “MORE CONTENT” mentality and back to enjoying games for how fun they are to us… myself included.
I’m hoping I can change a few minds.

That’s all about it.

They need to find a mid position where they clearly communicate the upcoming things to smartly set hype without use outdated marketing strategies that uses anxiety or negative feelings to trigger players, address responsibilities and expose the problems clearly so we will know who, why and what is wrong/right when issues pop-up, and stop to lie (?) or at least coordinate better the CMs/Devs/Publisher messages.

Some will not leave it pass passively because they are injecting money on the game, others because they love the game and want it progressing in the right direction, etc. You can’t put everyone in the same circle.

If they can’t deal with their own mistakes and community react because of their own mistakes, they are not capable to publish a game and should quit this industry, which clearly not is the case. Looks like they want to learn - If it is the case, in some months/years for sure they will not have customers, but a legion of passionate players inside their also active community. It’s all about built trust.

Virtually every single detail of the content release schedule.

Argos, classes, skins. It’s all being drip fed in a way that reeks of executive meeting discussion about player retention and profit maximization.

KR has argos as the endgame for 4 months, we are moving faster, just not as fast as we should and this is because if the complaints on the fourms about the argos release initially which was weird in the first place, of argos was in the game on release no one would of batted an eye about it.

Yeah, we should be even more slow. They don’t have the bot-fest we have. Not sure why so many are focusing in content when bots clearly are the elephant in the room to be solved. If not in parallel, at least being a top 3 priority with rest of thing that community want - A short/mid term solution for bots is highly needed for 2022 in Western.

Ok then… now answer me this: How would you release it? AND: How would you promise those backing the game that you could keep players interested in the game for the next 12 months. You still have to pay your developers, staff, managers, art teams, marketers, QA teams, etc.? REMINDER: This is a Free to play game with no subscription.

I imagine profits would be great for the first month or so… but once the hype dies down, what then?

A large reason of why MMOs in general feel unsatisfying to many gamers is they no longer have choices. They’re built in a manner that feels like chores which can easily cause aggravation.

Pre-WoW MMOs were not built like this which is why they lasted longer than pretty much any MMO after WoW. Giving player a choice in their daily activities and having those choices impact their gameplay goes a long way. Take how people complained about new dialog system in single player RPGs. They’re fake options and it feels like you can’t interact with the story.

Much is the same for MMOs. When you remove the dynamic social aspect of an MMO you’re left with an rollercoaster that will never allow you to diverge from it’s intent. All newer MMOs are like this. They’re all different rollercoasters but still stuck on rails. It gets boring quick. least to me.

It also doesn’t help they’re butchering skin, content and class releases for the game.

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It’s largely dependent on each player’s expectations. Most set the bar too high. Obviously what AGS or others say can easily influence this expectation in some way.

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I’m not a publisher/developer executive, not my job. I only provide my feedback/experience as a consumer.

As a player who payed attention to what SG/goldriver said about the game and the western release, it’s been extremely disappointing and not in line with what they’ve said. The problem as I see it, as i’ve stated before, is the difference between what AGS/SG are saying and what they’re doing.

Communication has been an absolute shit show for Lost Ark ever since release.

And one other thing: They’re actively retaining players and releasing content currently in the KR client and SG/goldriver has stated he wants us caught up ASAP. If it were up to me I would have just released the full game and we’d be enjoying everything KR has as well as all their new content as it gets released. KR is profitable, why shouldn’t we be on the same page as them?

But as a consumer, you don’t see the complications behind the scene. If you don’t understand how their jobs work, you’ll never know why they’ve made the decisions they have. The ultimate reality is that AGS/SG have 2 audiences: shareholders and the players with Lost Ark. This is the reality many game companies have to contend with… you can’t always please both. The CEO has to make decisions that are going to keep their business alive and staff employed. Sometimes those decisions cost them consumers. That can happen in every business. They aren’t easy decisions. All I’m asking is you think outside your perspective with this one.

In a F2P environment, they need both to survive (which is why I prefer a sub model). But I get why they chose the F2P.