MMO Happiness: unattainable?

And as long as noone speaks up against practices that benefit shareholders more than players, the shareholders will always get prioritized.

So speak up with your cash.
Put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. If the cash flow stops, they’ll listen. Guaranteed.

Way ahead of you on that one, haven’t spent a dime =P

And I’m not against spending in free games. I gave GGG quite a bit over the years for PoE because I loved that game and how well they communicated with their community.

Haha. I get this comment. I really do. However, this wasn’t really rushing for me. It was pure enjoyment. I loved playing this game. I was blessed enough to be on vacation for a few weeks after release, then I was in an online class where I could play during breaks and after.

Point taken though. XD

And I’ll never hold that against you.
Cause I’ll do the same.
If AGS/SG starts acting like Blizz has over the past 3 years, I’ll be out really quick.

All good. I was giving you a hard time because, I mean, come on now. Kinda hard not to based on what you were saying.

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I started up Guild Wars 2 earlier this month and I’m quite happy. I’m currently level 47 with my main character and I am having more fun than I do in Lost Ark’s supposed end game. I am also having more fun than I did when I was levelling up in Lost Ark because this game is more suited to my style (more a fan of getting xp from defeating enemies rather than pressing G or doing emotes in a circle) and I feel it respects my time far more than Lost Ark has or does. Already bought the first two expansions after 50 hours of f2p whereas I have not put a cent into Lost Ark after 490 hours nor do I think will I ever unless something drastically changes with certain game design choices from Smilegate.

So for me, MMO happiness is attainable. Is MMO perfection attainable? No.

Do you have proof of this and what is considered huge number wise?

There would be a lot of proof, if the moderators didn’t delete all the threads that contained a lot of people’s grievances.

Though I do believe there was a point in time where people where saving posts on wayback machine.

And that’s perfectly fine. I have every class in GW2 at 80 and I think am Mastery level 302 with every mount except the new ones. Such a great game. Enjoy both!
Speak with your money.
That is the best way to make a game change.

While that’s not a practice I condone… I don’t think they use that as a metric. They have numbers we can’t see.

Source: the forums, in game chat, discord, twitch channels where people play LA.

The overwhelming sentiment, wherever I go, is one of discontent and disbelief at how the game is being managed.

The numbers they look at are purely statistical and are not meant to gauge a playerbase happiness/unhappiness.

When it comes to seeing that, you can generally get an idea by reading the forums and the topics posted within. Unfortunately, the moderators have the habit of not locking threads, but outright purging them from existence, so it is hard to really gauge how unhappy the community may be when topics discussing said grievances are vanished.

You have to take a simple factor into account.
The unhappy people are always the loudest.

I’m well aware of this, but I’ve also been part of plenty of game communities where the negativity wasn’t nearly as pronounced as it has been in Lost Ark so it’s not as if overwhelming negativity is the norm everywhere. At least not in my experience.

I have played almost every promenent mmo since EQ and Asherons Call… Every MMO has screamers on the forums saying the game will die if this and that doesnt get changed when they first come out.

I’m an exception. Not the rule. I didn’t “rush.” If I had rushed, I would be 1450. Trust me. I’m sitting at 1396.66 because I do honing attempts once every 2 days or so now. I have the means to do many more attempts a day if I wanted.

Once I got to 1370, instead of swiping until satisfied, I forced myself to do other activities and not hook myself on ilvl progression. I chose to enjoy the game instead of rushing to the top. I felt I got lucky enough to get to 1370 within 450 hours. I know people with 200 hours less than me with 1440+ ilvls. the more hours should show that I enjoyed the game… not that I rushed it. Plus, I don’t have anywhere near BiS accs/tripods for my pally. I’ll focus that later with Valtan.

To finalize this point, I didn’t miss a single day of the Naruni race. I LOVED that stupid mini game. I have over 20k tokens AFTER buying out the shop on day 1 of reset. I played it cause it was fun and hilarious. Not for the currency.

I agree on the content pase but disagree in the class and skins realease.

Like there are so many mains loosing out everything right now is unreal to think the director wants everyone to enjoy the game.
Also i don’t think AGs is allowed to realease every skin, the director might be behind this decisions aswell.

Client engagement is the best way you guarante future profit.

I agree on honning complains and every other gamble core game function complaint being unreasonable besides the 1340-1370 deathzone which is unbearable without the event mats.

Im f2p besides platinpack. Im happy af and dont feel forced to do everything.

Also: Didnt read, sorry. Have a good day, Sir.

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As a developer most of the time it’s really simple as “You must hit this quota, we don’t care how”.

It’s then up to the developer to please the producer and their shareholders. The lead designer takes part in this but they’re about the only one from development who does. It’s often why lead devs have half answers despite their best efforts. Too much on their plate checking each group.

You see Chris from GGG doing this all the time. Leaking secrets that aren’t ready or confirming with his team if something is true or not. It’s basic good communication. Which this game seems to lack.

I haven’t worked for a company for a while myself. Mostly contract and donation work. It might also be important to note coders are incredibly hard to find and fund. Most companies easily have a 5:1 ratio and that one coder gets paid the same as all the artists.

Good coders have the privilege of being picky. They’re the last people on your team you wana bug. Producers don’t seem to understand this and it’s often why after a game releases new skeleton crew coders are used to maintain it. Pay top to get the framework. Pay little to run it.

…Then the game dies and they wonder why. It’s a dumb cycle.