MMO Paradox, bots and sellers are everywhere

I’m just wondering, are they really satisfied with a small piece of the cash flow?
Every online game is affected by bots and 7 of 10 ppl will decide to buy gold from resellers cuz it’s 10x cheaper, but when the amount of bots exceeds the number of real players it does not look good. Chat, Find party and Locations are flooded by bots / sell messages, sometimes you might get the feeling that you are playing an offline game with Advertisements. They can’t even ban all of them (players who decide to buy cheap gold, items, etc) cuz the game will immediately die and they can’t ban bots just because they’ll find a thousand ways to create new 99999 accounts. MMO Paradox.


No its the curse of the west, we will never have anything good because we are all greedy

After China banned crypto, what else are they going to do with their RTX 3080/3090s. Labor and electricity is just cheaper there. Better blame globalization.

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well i suppose the only hope is that the gouverments go extremly hard against these kind of cashgrab games !!.
Back to 50 bucks quality games plz !

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Reading your post gave me PTSD from Retail WoW, (17 years retail ex wow player here), it felt exactly the same playing there… Chat was overwhelmed from Boosts, Bots everywhere , and noone did anything about it… So, i guess thats the new era of gaming…

Botting and RMT was there alive at 2005 gaming era aswell … it just wasnt as prio as it is today, for many reasons, I strongly believe what killed gaming and fueled greed over fun , is Streaming and “esports” … if you take a deep dive onto those 2 things and think about it, it makes sense.