MMORPG used to be an escape from reality. Nowadays, it's just an imprisonment into another shtty reality

I started playing video games during my school days because I was really poor and hanging out with friends cost money.

At least in video games, I didn’t have to spend real life money to hang out with friends. Even if i was poor, i could have at least some fun.

Nowadays, MMORPG is nothing alike. To be able to hang out with friends in video games, i have to spend money, to either have adequate gears for a raid content or breach through the minimum gear score requirement. People say you dont have to spend money and just play the game. But if you play the game, you’re the only one behind just because it takes much longer time for you to catch up as someone who doesn’t spend money.

I used to play MMORPG as an escape from the shtty reality. Nowadays, it feels like I’m just in another shtty reality where only the rich can win.


MMORPG used to be an escape from reality. Nowadays, it’s just an imprisonment into another shtty reality

Legend has it, this is what people feel when they grow out of games and gaming.


That may be part of it, but you’re also sort of missing their point entirely.


nah, MMOs were always the shittiest form of relax and escapism amongst video games genres. MMOs were the closest thing to establish “virtual life” , with all the community reliance and integration. This changed greatly when MMOs pushed into mainstream and casual folk wanted more solo content and ended up with 90% of content being solo

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I’ve definitely made that argument about F2P before, they just recreate outside circumstance. The people with a ton of time and / or money win. Period.

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It’s the whole of it.

That IS the point. It’s why people were fine with the garbage MMOs of the past and have seemingly impossible expectations of MMOs today.

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Yeah, that’s the funny part. The people whaling with their money are no different than people whaling games with their time imho.


That is because online games rarely have an actual “Community” now. Not just groups of friends here and there who play together but actual community.

It just became a race to see who wins first. Winning what? idk I guess self gratification. The mix of it, min/maxers who form guilds just for the “advantages” rather than trying to create a nice group are barely around anymore. People who just cry for P2W HURR DURR cause they ignore the rest of the content that you can drag your friends around are also everywhere. People live nowadays comparing their progress to XxWhaleBoixX and gloat their RNG luck vs narutoxsasuke who has been saving mats.

Most people see mmorpgs like any other single player game, ignoring all the content that can be done with others due to convenience. It feels like a race, you don’t even see people trying to interact in the map or towns, most just are minding their own business and don’t want to be bothered nor feel the need to start any interaction.

The only real chance you had to create a community is guilds but sadly there is no content that involve large people activities for guilds which make them just another material hub. It is not about “Oh rng cucked me” , “Oh this guy is a whale”, “Oh I cannot wait 2 days and I feel pressured to pay”.

Hell, the server I play I don’t even see roleplayers and even New World had them on a 100 peak server. The people playing this are not a community per se but just competitors against each other for a prize that… doesn’t exists.

Edit: kudos to the Karens who all they do is complain in area bc they are of the few who legit talk they and the femboy fans

I do get what you mean. If I spent real $$ on honing, I would be at my brother’s ilvl and doing the same content as him.

Not gonna hijack your thread for my story, but yeah, games have started delving into real life a lot. It’s not innately a bad thing, but Lost Ark has probably tested those limits more than any other (successful) game in the west has before.

There are some fair reasons to be upset with lost ark, but idk a lot of people are f2p and 1385+

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It’s not age, the games have changed. Imagine telling a gamedev 20 years ago that in the future devs will work hard to make games so un-fun that people will pay to not play them. They’d think you were insane, and yet here we are in the skip ticket era.


Final Fantasy XIV, my good man, Final Fantasy XIV.

This is not the game for you.
Truth be told, this game is not for anyone.
Perhaps in a couple of years, now it’s just whale bait.

Games come in all flavours.
There’s some recent good single player games that appeal for escapists.

Haha ye man, entertainment unfortunately has become reality with all its wokeness, censorship and disrespect.

We’re treated nothing more like cattle

People attempting such shady and predatory practices isn’t anything new.

What really baffles me is how many people just enable, justify and support this trash practices.

There are so many gamers who would eat loads of feces, just to get something for free, but not really…

It is insane how low standards some have, as long as it is freemium.

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Nobody should have to explain to you the difference between playing a game because you find it fun, and paying to skip a game because you don’t.

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It’s sad but a true MMORPG hasn’t really existed in around two decades.

WoW’s success is of course the primary reason. MMORPGs were not a popular genre before. They involved a lot of time. Not to be mistaken with chores as their time sink is disguised now. They took up time because of talking, setting up groups, spending hours in a dungeon.

They also had a long lost ability to problem solve dynamically. Everything is on rails now and that wasn’t the case at all with pre-WoW games. Take getting currency for example. Players would set up bounties for PKers. They would provide escorting services, Travel Services, Power Leveling, Crafting and even Realstate for housing. Similar roads applied to gearing or whatever you were interested in doing at the time. It wasn’t always set in stone.

Worst of all they lack any innovation because why take a risk if people will keep giving out money for the same old rollercoaster with different looking tracks.

The reason why WoW boomed so much back then was because it released at a time when a game like this was basically a glorified chat-room, while also being a hot new thing.

Today, everyone is connected as much as he wants, and there is no need to be involved into time-sucking activities like that, especially when there are a hundred better alternatives.

Almost any popular aspect of MMORPGs is done better by more specialized games now.

Want PvP? Play a proper PvP Game, without having to invest hundreds of hours into gearing and other stuff.

Want to play PvE? Play a Coop Game.

Want to play a good story? Play a good (out of thousands) of singleplayer games.

There are also many MMO-Lites like e.g. Destiny 2, which heavily cut-down the amount of time and effort that is required to go anywhere.

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Either way MMOs changed because they had to change. The way people used the internet changed drastically, and other online gaming genres came along that, as you say, do the things that MMOs do better in more specialized ways (and they were mostly F2P as well because most of them were content lite as compared with MMOs but with high replay value).

MMOs are nowadays a very odd duck, and a hard sell. They are still the game equivalent of an “opera” due to the scale and cost, but really the market for subscription-based games is very limited today with all of the other options available, and if you don’t have a sub, you design the game to be monetized in other ways … and you get games like this one.

Either way, the “old MMOs” or “proper MMOs” are not coming back. They’re too expensive to make and there is literally no market big enough for a game with EQ99’s style and modern graphics/UI that could justify the cost of making the game. Just an ultraniche with a very high price tag to make.


The main problem with MMORPGs is also that they are huge investments!

In the past, I played many MMOs and sunk a lot of time into them. Today, I see certain red flags with those games, which make me reconsider rather fast.

Then there is also the companies behind Lost Ark right now. At first AGS, which are known to mess up literally any project they touch, for years already. On the other hand we got a F2P Game developer from a country that is known to eat up the most predatory gaming practices you could imagine.

I wouldn’t even trust AGS to carry my Trash out at this point, let alone operating a game I might sink hundreds if not thousands of hours in!

And with those predatory f2p systems, it can only get worse down the road, since they need to constantly motivate people on spending money into the game.

Don’t even know what to expect from this…

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