MMORPG used to be an escape from reality. Nowadays, it's just an imprisonment into another shtty reality

Then you have wrong friends in your life,since they are the ones spending money and leaving you behind instead of playing equally with you so you can catch up.

Playing “equally” means nothing, when Honing RNG can put one advantaged and another one disadvantaged!

Plenty of MMORPGs before WoW had all the same features. WoW did only one thing new. It was a simple case of the right timing. At that moment EQ2 had failed it’s launch (2004) well at FF11 (2002). EQ1 and other MMOs had either failed or been showing their age.

They had no competition.

The only thing WoW had which previously didn’t exist was netcode making PvP reasonable.
This was further reinforced by Cable modems becoming more mainstream 1999-2004.

WoW never actually offered much as a game that other already hadn’t however it offered something to companies. Cash. Lots of it and so they’ve follow the same formula WoW adopted not long after release. Dailies, Rep, Gearscores, Groupfinders, etc.

Pretty much everything that made an MMORPG a social experience went extinct.

They had no competition because of a strong brand, which was also known from the Warcraft Games, paired with unique cartoonish art-style.

Also, they knew how to adapt to the casual market, so they snowballed even further into that, at some point, 13+ Million subscriber giant.

So many tried to copy WoWs success, but they all failed. They didn’t just fail in the sense of being smaller, but they literally all miserably stagnated.

And those who tried to go different routes failed even harder.

Even FFXIV basically had to re-release the game with 2.0, while being much more like WoW, before they managed to become successful…

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Aka when you hit your early 30s.

Mid 30s onward are the best because you go “why do I even care? Ima just play videogames”

This is kinda the point. MMORPGs were never designed for casual players.

In doing so they simplified and removed the elements which made an MMORPG. No, it’s not about grinding or whatever. It’s just as you mentioned. Being part of a world and just as important interacting with other people within that world.

I played nearly every MMORPG before WoW. I was there. A slew of MUDS including Gemstone, Meridia, Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call, EverQuest, Anarchy Online, DAoC, FF11, Ragnarok Online.

I played nearly all and they offered something innovative, something to separate themselves from post-WoW MMORPGs. My original point is that due to such a big boon and cash flow. companies saw money in a genre that was previously more about creating worlds and indeed glorified interactive chat rooms where you went on adventures with people. I mean, that’s literally what a MUD is. A Chat box you type commands into.

That is all dead. It has been dead a long time. It’s likely never coming back and it’s truly sad.

For the most part as someone who has played games for several decades, games have gotten much better.

~20 years ago there were things in games that were so un-fun that the absolute worst fantasy you had about a game being grindy, dumb, tedious and badly designed would still not even be in the god damned galaxy as the LONG LIST of stuff in these ~20 year old MMOs.

I hate it when people make up things about history and regurgitate it as fact…while some of us have actually lived through these times still. At least wait till my old self has kicked over before you decide to rewrite history.

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If you want to design a game around not being for casuals, you may as well not bother in the first place.

Unless it is a predatory casino, going on a whale hunt.

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Gaming in general has lost its way, I remember when PC games cost £20 and came in a big box with instructions a T-shirt, stickers and a map of the world.
Now we don’t even get the box.

I see you hating on this game in every thread on this forum , you go into a thread thats not even about the quality of the game , somebody might just ask a question about gameplay , and you are able to derail it and talk aboutthe p2w aspect , the grindyness or the elitist aspect of lost ark. What is your problem ?

There are 1000s of F2P players above 1370 now… if your “friends” have so much money… why don’t they help you get to that level? If I had a friend that I really wanted to be running stuff with… I’d drop some cash for them.

But the truth is really that you just want to be top end without spending cash. Never going to happen. There’s no reason. I’ve spent money in this game, but am still not high enough to do Argos p3. Know why? Cause I don’t care about rushing this experience. Friends be damned. If they’re running stuff without me, I’ll find some people to run stuff with at my current ilvl.

Also, how is this different than other MMOs like WoW? If you didn’t have the time to get the currency or run the heroics, you weren’t geared enough to do raiding with your friends that had the time… so what exactly is the difference? It’s the method.

Get away from your own perspective and step outside it for once in your life. You’d probably realize you took the MMOs you played a lot slower too…

People promoting unethical and predatory practices, like you, are my problem.

Perhaps you’ve just lost your taste with age. Games today are largely graphical skinnerboxes. Many of them even play themselves as to not let gameplay get in the way of gambling, like most mobile MMOs and gachas.

20+ years ago, it took about 4 hours to max-level a 7xGM dexer in UO. And people complained about this being too grindy.

Tell your friends to whale for you.

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Just get rich friends!!!

don’t ruin the thread this was a good thread, stop attacking each other personally

Those quotes very simply sum up the timeline.

You’re protecting WoW for making MMORPGs casual friendly when that’s what killed them.

So now you get these games. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. I don’t. Long as companies get money for doing it. Nothing will change. The RPG in MMORPG has long been dead. The living world is dead, making new friends is dead, the escape into a new living world is dead.

FFXIV is a great sub based chat room because apparently thats what you want to play.

Games in general never were an escape from reality, it’s just what you believed as a kid because you didn’t buy the game.
You always HAD to play to enjoy a game ultimately literally telling you everything has a price, there is nothing for free in life, this thread just simply tells me that you either should stop blaming the game and have fun or literally just quit gaming altogether, because the medium doesn’t make you enjoy your time.

I get you, I do. But that’s the way MMOs work. Maybe there are some exceptions to the rule, but most of the times you need to invest either money or time.

It sucks, but that’s how it works.