MMORPGS - Why I hate them

Idk what happened to MMOs.

It used to be teeming with content to do with others.
Challenging or interesting PvP.

Now everything is meta this or you suck. (When i could play outside the meta and be twice as effective as some of these goof troops.)

Or its not even an mmo that lets you do stuff with people.

Lineage 2
Guild wars
And even bdo (although its shit now)

Were stellar games.
I just want Mmos to be an mmo


simple answer gammer are way better than back in the day + we get so much more info

it’s not mmo that changed it is the context around theme


People are not playing games like this anymore.
Sure there is still WoW, but games that were trying to “be like the ones in old days” died shortly after release.

For example i’ve spent shittons of time in games like Metin back in a day.
Now i simply have no time to sit 8h on one spot, killing mobs and waiting for good loot.
It’s easier to just matchmake with randoms for 5min guardian and be done with my stuff.

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Show me your off-meta build in LA that has double the effectiveness of meta ones.

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plot twist : none

A True Boomer take, back in my days thing are better…It just a simple fact that information is so widely available now then it was back in your “glory early mmo day”. Looking for guide or information literally mean you have to shift through forum or know a guy. Now a day you can find almost anything with a simple search. There is no going back to the good ol days.

Not a boomer, but my pops was a gamer and he liked mmos so i grew up playing them.

Im fine with mmos not wasting time in grinds like that.

But i want to be able to do group stuff in an mmo.

Whats the point otherwise?

People are much bussier than they used to. So MMOs are not built the way they were before.
Is it bad or is it good depends on the each person.

People search for things that respects their time more than playing 8 hours a day.

current types of mmo’s make more money and require less time from an aging generation who played those old school MMOs btut now have kids jobs and less free time.

Besides I’d call lost ark a more Mobile like solo player experience with great co-op than an actual traditonal mmo

Yeah there are pros and cons. I didnt realize that until now. But the mmo feel isn’t there when there isnt anything to do with friends. And if you do it with friends it takes longer (chaos dungeons for example)

BDO? I started the game when it first came to KR and on NA launch.
It has large scale battles GVG but the engine is so poorly optimized you had to put settings at lowest to play and world bosses were the only two group content.

The only reason you upgrade your gear is for PvP or personal satisfaction to kill brain dead A.I there was no challenge in PvE at all.

There was always a meta in BDO for farming PvE how fast you could farm the same few spots for how many hours you had free.

No dungeons, no raids, no meaningful pve group content and upgrading your gear is much more punishing but your gear stays relevant, it reminded me of Lost Ark season 1 when I used to play back when 20-30 minute Guardian raids was end game.

I’ve seen Lost ark turn this game around, the transformation first hand and watched all the LOA presentations on what they have planned for the future of the game.

This game isn’t for everyone and it isn’t perfect but it’s much better than it used to be, im glad we did not get this game before Russia or it would be doing so much worse

I blame internet for ruining video games.

Everyone is copying information off someone else without giving much thought.

Thinnk the OP is trying to say back in the day we barly had any info so we had to figure it out yourself, close to impossible now :frowning:

What? Do Legion Raids with friends!
Try to get Clown ready with your friends and try to clear it by finding out yourself how the mechanics work.
There is the feeling you are looking for, just gotta work a little for it.

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This, try to look for a guild and make some friends, thats what I did and now I clear weekly hard content with them! thats the cool thing about mmos, meet new people. Also try to make a group for hell content, you have more “theory craft” there, you don’t have to look the guides to clear it, try to discover if by yourself, in FFXIV this is very typical, the blind runs.

Guild wars 1 was an absolute gem.

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People need to stop thinking of Lost Ark as an MMORPG it isn’t. Lost Ark is a ARPG with mobile gacha mechanics on top of it. You can honestly finish all your content within a 2-3 day span and be done for the week. That isn’t an MMORPG. A MMORPG is a game where you actually are a part of a community in game doing random things like dungeon runs and trials and helping your guild members get gear. Lost Ark has none of that. You are at the mercy of RNG and you basically try to be as greedy as possible to get as many end raid boxes ASAP to finish your gear because you are locked out of raids once you complete them for the week.

So again if you want a true MMORPG experience go play something other then Lost Ark like FFXIV or WoW.


Correct, this is a mobile game arpg

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It used to be teeming with content to do with others.

reading this i’m very confident you haven’t played other mmos

By your definition FF and WoW are not MMORPG’s either xD
You do your daylies jsut the way you do them in LA and only spend more time in the game on the weekly reset.
Legit not a single difference, other than the community in FF being very different and finding themselfs something to do in content droughts.