MMO's Marketing

Listen i know you guys probably think hyping something up week of release is cool drums up hype just before and get people back into the game, but hear me out. An MMO is a game you expect people to live in and have over thousands of hours in. For us MMO players we dedicate a lot of ourselves to the game to progress be it in WoW/FFXIV or any other MMO. I personally have put in over 900 hours into lost ark and fully expect to put in a few thousand over the next few years but as we devote so much time to the game we need to have security in knowing what is coming down the line so we can plan our time more accordingly. We had big hype built up for Glavier and my Mari Shop is sitting at 50/50 and im screwed. I can claim those items on anything and I can’t continue to buy anything.

Sidenote: Make Mari Shop items roster bound / untradeable so i can atleast claim it and put it in my roster storage for later


Nothing more hype than a surprise delay lol. This is generating pure forum content.

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