MMR Gain/Loss in competitive arena

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some insight on MMR gain. I’ve been running pvp since it came out. I’m pretty low mmr right now because I’m not all that great. However, I noticed that my games have been giving me less mmr gain or loss when I finish a round.

When the season began, I would gain and lose between 20-30 MMR. Now, I’m getting like 13-15. Is this because the algorithm is finding that I belong in this range or is there some other business behind the scenes.

Thanks and I appreciate any insight!

the first few games will have more mmr gain/loss. i believe the first 10 games will have 2.5x mmr. subsequent games will have 2x, 1.5x, then normal after something like 50 games. not sure on the specific numbers.

Hello buddy,

You are getting low points because you have a lot of matches probably

Matches #1-10 2.5x
Matches #11-30 2x
Matches #31-100 1.5x
Matches #101+ 1x

This is the scaling of the points at the beginning of the season as far as i know.

Thanks for the replies folks. That makes sense since I did have 100+ pvp matches so far.

Have a great one!

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