Moake done, what now?

Title. What world boss do you guys do after you got everything from moake? And why?
I’ve been doing moake even after I got everything from it, and probably am doing it wrong. Any answer?

Is there another world boss worth doing now?

I do Thunderwings for the Chaos stones.


Work your way through them all for the Island Soul, Secret Maps and Cooking Collectables.

Once that’s done across all field bosses, then camp Thunderwings for the relic/chaos stones.

Or if you don’t care about any of that horizontal stuff, only Thunderwing’s drops worthwhile items.

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after getting all island souls/sailing maps and regional food parts from field bosses i have gone to only doing thunderwings for the chaos stones

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Thank you guys. Chaos stones it is. :grin:

You get the Argon Island stone? Keep you busy a while.

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Go try this :sweat_smile:

Island Token Acquisition

Although the recommended item level for this island is low and the description does say that Vairgrys’s Nest Island Token available, it is currently impossible to kill both bosses on the island for Vairgrys’s Nest Island Token.