Moake Taunt Griefing

Honestly surprised this hasn’t come up yet (at least from what I could tell searching). Its been an issue forever in other regions too, although they don’t have to do Moake as their endgame field boss any more.

Long story short, any Berserker or Gunlancer high enough ilvl can taunt Moake out of his arena and reset him virtually guaranteed due to the combat zone being so relatively small. Between the underlevelled players that won’t leave and Moake’s moveset also allowing him to reset himself easily it can be extremely frustrating having to try so many times to get a kill. Especially when I’m wasting lots time waiting in a populated channel and using of gold on consumables to attempt to secure it.

Either make his arena much bigger or make him taunt immune please.


This is the most anoying event in the game. ffs have limit area of a BOSS? If he is on the spawn point then give 5 sec immunity to the players.

Developers please think…

I’ve only attempted Moake once; and within 3 minutes, two resets, and half the participants leaving, realized it was a bit of a cluster-f##k and probably not worth my time until it is improved or I’m significantly higher level.