Moake's star is holding people back

Right now Moake seems to be holding people back from progressing, because you really need that star for skill points. Can we consider some ideas that don’t leave you farming a lower-tier boss and possibly losing months of progress for a rare drop?

Some ideas:

  • A pity system to get the star after farming it for long enough.
  • Allow players to get the star only by killing it when they can no longer obtain more drops that day.
  • Add the star as a drop to Thunderwings too.
  • Do more than just one of the above.

Hey Qsario! Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: .

Out of the ideas you have presented, what do you think would be the two best ideas to implement?


Or you can just leave it as is :rofl: who need progression. Just yolo whatever. Can’t pay to beat RNG then just roll with it.

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The first two: a pity system + allowing you to kill it multiple times a day (for only the star, no other drops). Ideally the pity system would also increment if you killed it more than once a day, as well, because this would also effectively inform people that the star was possible even when other drops weren’t.


Just like I did Yorn boss while people did Moake. Collectables are RNG. IF its changed for star lets be changed for food also (coz was 1/3 long time, now 2/3 and with this speed i will farm Moake another month minimum).

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Even better we can set “perfect” jewelery and they drop after several runs.

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Pity System is nice but would be harder to implement faster and then everyone would want a pity system for all collectibles.

The best ideas would be to just put it on Thunderwings too so that as you progress you don’t need to be backwards for the star.

Also, I would love the idea of being able to collect things like Stars, Souls and Food/Tome items even after you have completed the first field boss of the day.

Some of us are into the collectables and still trying to progress but when I have to waste my daily collection for an old time food item or an island soul that may not drop vs doing Moake or Thunderwing then it feels really bad and take a whole lot longer to ever try for field bosses.

So example would be you could do Thunderwings for chances at relic gear then the next hour do Moake but only the Star has a chance to drop for you, then next hour you could do Wild Water Island but only the soul has a chance to drop.

This would also give us more content to do hourly for horizontal progression without needing to add new content to the game or be abused.


If the pity system is too difficult to implement, I would like to suggest


  1. Removing the World Boss Cap (I prefer this one)
  2. Increasing World Boss Cap (Compromise if Removing is too much)

Reason being we can’t do more than 1 world boss per hour anyways it would allow people more chances to farm it.

The reason I don’t like simply putting the star on Thunderwings is because in the short term it ruins it for players who are stuck in the Moake bracket and their chances/RNG to get it overall. Moake is technically, good for the star, the jewellery is questionable at best due to RNG with its stats, and it is only relevant for its star drop. So do not make it irrelevant by putting it on a higher tier boss but instead give people a reason to come back instead of choosing between bosses by removing/extending world boss daily cap.

If players are really allowed to play at the pace they want then World Boss Cap should be removed so they are not forced to choose which boss to do per day, They have a reason to go back to lower level zones to farm whatever boss they want without feeling punished not choosing one of current tier/similar ilvl.

I like the idea of adding all collectibles from lower level to upper level enemies (things from world bosses, cards from guardians…)
Adding a pity system for every collectible would be not as good but should be easier to implement.

Una’s tasks don’t quite hold you back in the same way because you can do multiple Unas at once (especially with alts), but I agree that the Yorn food was horrible and would not object to a pity system there. It took me a month or more across several alts to get the Yorn food, but again, at least you can run that multiple times per day (given alts, which we were with the free fast passes).

Killing Moake is not an Una quest

Yeah, I could live with no pity system, but just let us farm the food/stars/etc. multiple times per day without material drops (no stones, books, etc.) even when we’ve already fought the boss. It’d make things easier for others who are behind to get groups to help them, since some of those are pretty thin already (e.g. fighting in Feiton for that food was terrible with groups of like 3 people).

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You mentioned the Yorn food, though. I was talking about the Quality Imported Meat.

EDIT: Oh, I misread “Yorn boss” as “Yorn food” somehow, my bad.

Click to read (looks like its resized) but red text is boss name

Good is Moake is not that imposible strong and you can kill it later when you get all loot from Thunderwing you need. We killed it 7 ppl before 2 weeks and we wasnt exactly top of the top (I was 1402)

i finally got it today after 3 months. Also for the first time i used fire grenades on moake because I heard that increase contribution, idk if was a coincidence but i just got the star after that


Adding a pity system would be good but if they don’t, they need to make sure obtaining 6 omnium stars is not stupidly tediously long and low drop rate chances so that everyone at one point can get the 6 stars for the skill potion (this does have a gameplay impact). I don’t mind rng and stuff but if its tied to things such as skill potions and you can go months without getting it, its annoying. I was lucky to get 6 by getting the chaos line one.

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Interesting, I’ll have to try that one.

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Assuming that a change or adjustment is possible at all, I suggest to implement a pity system for rare drops that are required for character progression, such as Omnium Stars and Skill Runes.

The pity system would start at +0% and could increase at a rate of +0,5% or 1,0% per kill / clear. So after 200 or 100 kills of a certain boss you would be guaranteed to receive the item.

This would make farming Moake, Guardians etc. far less frustrating because the player would know for certain that he will be able to receive the item needed for the character build eventually. A failed atempt can then be viewed as an Investment instead of a complete time waste.

Again, this system should only apply to mandatory character growth items. Island Souls, Treasure Maps, Master Pieces etc. should not be part of this system.

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and definitely the second: Let only materials/gear be the daily reward. But make rare collectables to drop in subsequent kills so one can bosses several ti es a day. It’s awful feel to be wasting daily events on T2 bosses without ANY rewards for months.