Moake's star is holding people back

Would be kind of lame imo. Like many things in this game the star only feels good to get because it’s hard to obtain. If you make it easy and you can farm 16 moakes a day everyone would get it in a couple days. Might as well make Anguished quest infinitely repeating so you can farm 50 keys and get that one in 2 days as well.


There are plenty of RNG drops (Yearning…), this one is pretty much required for progression, though. You’ll end up months behind others simply due to RNG. Nobody is asking that you don’t have to work for the drop, just that it not be able to hold you back endlessly.

Just let us get horizontal content on boss after the first boss of the day

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It does drop. Can confirm as someone who has 7 stars… but yeah the rng is rough

Do you though? A classic, I can’t get what I want so it’s bad, change it post.

It’s infuriating to still be fighting this boss after months. I can’t attempt island soul bosses, I can’t farm for adventure tome items, I can’t fight thunderwings. Just months and months of mockery by this awful system.


our version is way faster than korea, they had months if not years to get the star. A pity system or idk just increase the chance? i literally cant do the new worldboss because i have to do the stupid cameleon for the star :smiley: . And if i dont do it now i just lose even more lateron.

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This is what people don’t get.

For example I had to grief myself by not doing T3 bosses for 2 weeks in order to collect all the food from T1/T2 bosses required for Ignea tokens.

As you said, KR had many months to grind each boss, while we got all of them thrown at us at the same time.

I’d say that collectibles shouldn’t be tied to daily rewards.
Food, runes, island souls, sea bounties.

You get the mats once, collectibles once per day per boss to prevent people from doing one boss all day long. But that one completion per day shouldn’t give anything other than collectibles. You get mats once per day.


Yeah, if we had months to grind every boss it’d be one thing, but with the shorter releases we’re stuck playing catchup and unable to move to higher tier material purely due to RNG. I’ve been doing Moake every single available run and I’m still here with no star. I have every other star (well, not the 8th that’s not collectable, but I did get Chaos Line and the rest).

But I still can’t go do Thunderwings. The only good thing about this is that at least you can complete the Adventurer’s Tome by getting in a kill when you’re over your cap, so I did 100% the tome (other than the things in N. Vern we can’t do yet).

A pitty system would rly be nice … Farmed.for so long

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Great post, I am 1445 still farming Moake for the star. Not even bothered about the food drops at the moment

I’ve been farming Moake for months now - the inescapable RNG coupled with boss limitations does really suck.

A pity system is my preferred solution, and should apply to any important progression RNG item (maps, island souls, omnium stars). Just have bosses (including Stella/Chaos Line) drop an item and once you have 10-20 you can double click to exchange them for the item. Stella and Chaos line already have NPCs and materials that you could just add the Omnium to the list. Whatever the case is, Time Gate + RNG means you can be looking at timelines of months, and that just sucks. If people want that RNG brag, just leave Isle of Yearning for those that are masochists.

If we can’t generally apply a pity system to all bosses with progression items, at least do it for Omnium stars as that is vertical progression.

I’m curious if any suggestions even matter since it would be up to SG to implement. Personally I have thought this was a problem even with the Welcome Challenge that requires you to kill certain field bosses and it has to be claimed (last I checked which was months ago so unless this changed, it will not count as a completion if you’ve killed another field boss that day previously).

I think the second idea is what makes the most sense to me. And this isn’t limited to just the star. If you want to get 100% adventure’s tome, some of the ingredients drop from field bosses so you’d need to waste your field boss for the day to potentially not even get that ingredient (crab claw from moake for ex.). There are certain drops that should always drop whether you claimed already or not.

I’m assuming this will never be changed because wouldn’t a new player playing KR be in the same boat? For long time players, they would’ve gotten all of that stuff done during the hard stuck in t1/t2 content and there being nothing else available for a really long time.

It should be for everything.

I’m still farming Frostfire for the island token. Still need Wildwater Island, and the star.

My luck is especially terrible in this game with these RNG drops and honing. This is why I’m on the brink of quitting, if you play the game all day the amount of progress you make can be identical to the progress you would have made had you not logged on at all.

Kind of begs the question, what’s the point?

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They are to busy taking really good care of the kr release to do specific developments for us

Your horizontal progression should never be hindering your vertical progression imo which is why the vertical progression drops (accessories, gems, etc.) from field bosses should be collectible once per day, while everything else is something you can farm. And if that’s too complicated then they can just switch the mobs that drop those horizontal progression items. It’s really silly but that’s why I mentioned previously, if it’s not something that ever got addressed in KR, it is safe to assume it will never be addressed here.

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Dude just go do south Vern dungeon to get 6 star. Btw I have all 7 lol.

did u get urs from normal or hard? do both drop as well?

I got it in hard mode. I don’t know if it drops in both normal or hard mode.

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I have my 16 Papu Crab, and you won’t able to stop me to get 20 before i’ve ever seen a Moake Omnium Star or Bleed rune!