Mods, can we start removing some of the negative posts here?

AGS support said mass bans dont result in automatic bans btw

Ironic calling people trolls when you’re a troll yourself. You think we’re stupid?

And this is why I am explaining to you, its not about the content itself, it’s about the current progression curve in the 1340-1370 range. For the record, I have not skipped content, I have enjoyed many aspects that this game has to offer, but if youre not in t3 to understand the frustrating part then it’s hard for you to sympathize, I agree. Once you hit 1340, the honing chance for gear goes down to around 10-15%, with few sources of materials that a f2p player can get their hands on per day/week. Lack of materials + low honing chance creates a very frustrating stretch of gearing where it doesn’t feel like the game is rewarding you for time invested. It’s then further compounded by the fact that once you do get to 1370, the honing chance goes back up to 60% to help you get to 1385, so like i said, its a very abrupt progression curve that doesn’t feel good to the average f2p player.


People like you impersonating Amazon-paid content creators?

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AGS isn’t dumb, they’re a big company and they vet out the reports. If you got banned, you did something wrong, fix your behavior.

Yes but AGS said this is being worked on in the roadmap, so why not just wait? They’re clearly working on it right.


Then why people get unbanned? :slight_smile:

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So, none of you guys find kinda SUSSY that OP’s profile is private and he keeps defeding amazon for no reason what so ever? :eyes: :popcorn:

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Whats the point? if they were all positive posts then how would the devs know to fix anything, the point of some of the negative posts with exception of a few outliers going too far with the negativity is that a majority of players arnt happy with things like honing and need to express their distaste for it so that the devs know there is something players arnt happy with, removing negative posts will only give the illusion that everything is fine

Wonder why they have an appeal function then if they are an omnipotent god-like entity when it comes to bans…

He/she has also avoided any post that calls them out. If it looks like crap and smells like crap… you know the rest.

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Very sus


I did post a link and theory about the OP.

Literally impersonates a content creator that is paid by Amazon.

The art is, that the information leading to this revelation IS supposed to be easy to find. Because it’s trolling at it’s finest. You are supposed to get suspicious, then start to dig out some information, and voila - revelation revealing you got trolled.

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There’s a right way to give feedback and a wrong way, most of the submissions are the wrong way.

Again I point to this thread: We lost 50% of our player base 1 month in

This is one of the top posts, how is this at all going to help the devs when this is all they see?

We ARE waiting, literally everyone is waiting on the roadmap. That information does not help the frustration that players are feeling because a good portion of them do not even come to the forums until they are so frustrated that they feel their voice needs to be heard and the feedback given and then they come see your post that their frustration does not matter, that they should just be happy to play the game. Do you not see how that looks to them? How can you possibly create a positive community experience when you are telling people their voice does not matter and shouldnt be heard? I personally hope the roadmap comes soon because none of us have any details on whats on it, other than they are reworking it “based on player progression data” which none of us knows what that means.

In a way OP is actually helping people do their research just so they can continue arguing thus helping them find out about everything that is going bad with the game.
Kinda genious in a way


I’ve gotten rude and nasty DMs before from men so that’s why I hide it, maybe you should focus on the topic instead of things you shouldn’t be worrying about.

See but why is this community so entitled that they want everything NOW or suddenly they’re going to start attacking AGS and trying to ruin the game?

This is where I draw the line.

People need to be more positive period, this is a stressful time for everyone and it makes no sense to keep harping on things that they addressed.

the moment they said “bad vibes in the forum” i knew there was something fishy

Here we go again…

Don’t feed the trolls. Writing style of both “LisaNguyen” and “pirzadafarid” are like the - banned - accounts of “Billionaire”/“THC” and some other account from yesterday I forgot the name.
These seem to be created just to stir up trouble.
Apparently, the person created (at least) two accounts with contradicting opinions replying to himself…


“Ruin the game” huh? Why do you feel entitled to keep the game in the current state that it’s in? Given that we’re talking about “being entitled” and all.