Mokoko challenge question

I have a friend that logged in yesterday thinking about returning to the game. Will they lose the oportunity to partake in the mokoko challenge since their account is ‘old’ and they logged in for 30 minutes yesterday or is there some kind of hidden logic to evaluate if the person really played in the last 30 days? (i missposted in bug section mybad :frowning: )

it’s meant for players that are completely new or returning ( as sated in the notes, inactive for more than 30 days) your friend is out of luck

He logged in, so the countdown was resetted. But he gets Mokoko Stuff anyway, if his highest char is under 1370. Otherwise, even with 30days offline it wouldn´t have counted anyways.

If they dont have a character above 1370 then they will also get the buff.

It has two conditions, not logging in for 30+ days.
Not having a level 1370 char on your roster.

Thought it was an “and” [Players that have a new account] or [haven’t played within the past 30 days and have no characters at item level 1370]. But like in my first post, maybe them just logging in and not even moving might not count. :person_shrugging:

read the notes better before you comment, you have to be a new player or to be a RETURNING player that HAN’T played(logged in counts as playing seeing that steam registers it ) in 30 days AND have no chars at 1370 or above

"Players that have a new account or haven’t played within the past 30 days and have no characters at item level 1370 or higher will receive the Mokoko Buff. "

First you need either new account OR you need to fulfill BOTH the other conditions.

If the account is not “new” then you need to not have logged in for 30 days.

This does mean your friend might be better off with a new account actually but that is annoying and maybe he would loose some good names.

Exactly, as you can imagine I have read the post. And that’s why my question wasn’t about what was written and yes about if there was about how they evalute if the person played the game or just logged in. I thank you guys that reposted the patch notes but that wasn’t the question. :slight_smile:

this is your question

and these are the answers

Sorry didn’t know you knew how the game code worked and knew if they flagged it for ‘played’ because it doesn’t state or define what active is. If the person opens LA and doesn’t enter a server, if a person played on one server does it count as active on another etc. You don’t seem to know these answers, you are assuming. So I’ll continue waiting for someone that has more knowledge about the inner workings of how they define if a person has played it or not, instead of someone that wants to farm posts in the forum, but thanks for the posts. Since those were your answers please don’t post here anymore so this topic doesn’t get flooded by offtopic answers.

Your friend logged in for 30 minutes. They “played” for 30 minutes as far as the game is concerned. End of story.

The only way they are going to get the Mokoko buff is if they do not have any characters at 1370 or higher.

There is 0 need for you to get so defensive against people who are legitimately answering your question. Asking for an answer from people who “know the inner workings” is something you will never get.

They didn’t even leave luterra. That’s why I asked. What’s the definition of playing. If the person opens LA but doesn’t log in does the game count that? They should be clear with the wording imo.

playing counts as opening the game even if you stay on the server selection screen for 30 mins, steam will still say played for X minutes, and if they are returning players, they need to fit both requirements AKA

Has not played for 30 days or more ( opening the game and staying on server selection screen counts as playing seeing the the account is logged in and the game is open)

AND have no characters higher than 1370

The friends account may still count as “new account” we can only guess how they decide that part.

Friend should just try and login after patch and see if he gets that mokoko in name or what it is.

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Ya, that’s what they’ll do. We’re hoping they are lenient with what’ll count or not. Or they’ll just stay another month waiting for the counter to reset. :+1:

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Looks like your account is flagged “new” as long as you didn’t complete all the “welcome challenges”.

My main isn’t 1370 yet, I definitely played during the last weeks and I just got rewards from the new challenges. Can’t hurt for your friend to just log in and find out. Worst case scenario is they’ll have to wait for 30 days starting tomorrow and not yesterday.

Did your friend got it? I have a friend in the same situation.

Not really, if you try a new server it doesn’t have it. I thought it could but seems normal acc can’t have it