Mokoko Challenge still not fixed with today update


The mokoko challenge should stop at ilvl 1475 but they stop at 1445, with current event player reach 1445 super quick so they miss all their mokoko challenge.

It’s already hard currently to be a new player, with the huge gold nerf that they also got, let them at least finish their mokoko challenge.



This is important for mokokos, my friend’s reaching 1445 get thrown out in an unknown place, they are now considered high level, but didn’t played that much.

They can’t raise alt easly without all the rewards from these challenge, that help make alt through t1-t2 quickly, and also help with t3 honinh stuff like fusion mat and more.

Fix this please :slight_smile:

Bumping again, cause I still see no acknowledge or answer on that issue.


Thanks for the bump. What is your character name and server name?

The character is a friend’s character Bonkerzilla on Armen.
But it’s a general bug, everyone loose it at 1445 instead of 1475 like said on the challenge

Still no fix on this week

Thanks for letting me know this is still happening. The team is checking into this.

Still not fixed on 26/04 update and reset

Still no news or communication about this. The AGS and SG seem to really don’t care about new players, and this is the proof.