Mokoko collecting bots?


while collecting mokokos the last couple of days I stumpled across players that seemingly port directly to a mokoko position and port away directly after collecting.

First I thought it was just lag but I couldn’t find the players again and it happened like 4-5 times. Soo… not very often, but I get the feeling that there are now new bots that automatically farm your horizontal progression for you…
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to screenshot any of them cause it happens kinda fast and I don’t expect every player I see collecting mokokos to be a bot :smiley:

Sad how people always try to get an advantage by violated the ToS :frowning:

Keep your eyes open and make sure to report/screenshot them if you happen to experience the same :slight_smile:


I mean, it’s possible… but why… they can’t make any gold so this must be a “for players” bot

There’s literally nothing they can sell off Seed collecting, so why would they ? o.O

Might be a player though, so I’d report it.

Idk why youd bother botting for them or even completing that section as it offers nothing of value or even anything that progresses characters. Its fluff.

I mean, that sounds like a really easy script to write, so I imagine someone threw it together and put it up where people could get it. Silly, but people do a lot of silly things just because.

Ah wait… you get 2 masterpieces off Mokoko seeds, and there’s a Masterpiece chest reward for 34 worth 8000 gold and another for 13000 gold at 38.

That might be why.

Yes but the other masterpieces aren’t exactly all to easy to get as a bot, I reckon.

I am gonna assume that it might be a “for player” kind of bot, so these accounts can be sold off on the RMT market.

Even the bots are enjoying horizontal content.