Mokoko Pass - Collectibles Done Right

My friend has 1085 Mokokos and I only have 274. Is there any way we could get AGS / Smilegate to implement a Mokoko pass that I could buy for Royal Crystals?

Thank you


This is the dumbest thing I have read all day and it’s only 8am. I need a coffee


This is either one of the best troll posts i’ve seen or a perfect example of how lazy we as gamers are in the West.

Do people want to transform into a Mokoko seed this bad?

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Well, the Mokoko’s give you access to Eurus Sailors which means you win Co-Op Sailing Races. Also, don’t forget the masterpieces which give you the Judgement rune.

Should just be a collectible pass for like $100.

I wonder how many people would advocate for a $100 pass and then call the game P2W at the same time? That said, there’s guides literally showing step by step how to obtain every mokoko seed in the game. One would have to be REALLY lazy to pull their credit card out in this case. Wouldn’t be surprised at all with the NA/EU crowd though, lol.